Alma Pratt Robison (1887-1941)

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Alma Pratt Robison
Alma Pratt Robison
Born: 11 Aug 1887 Fillmore, Utah
Died: 22 Dec 1941 Myton, Duchesne, Utah
Father: Franklin Alonzo Robison
Mother: Isabella Eleanor Marden Pratt
Siblings: Alonzo Franklin Robison
Parley Proctor Robison
Joseph Alfred Robison
Herma Lucretia Robison
Belinda Pratt Robison
Ruth Pratt Robison
Isabella Pratt Robison
Carrie Pratt Robison
Alma Pratt Robison
Harmel Pratt Robison
Parker Pratt Robison
Olea Pratt Robison
Half Siblings: Willis Nephi Robison
Lois Hattie Robison
Josephine Robison
Herbert Alonzo Robison
Ella Adelia Robison
Alverna Robison
Ancil Platte Robison
Addie Florence Robison
Archie Robison
Bernard Thorpe Robison
Nolan Frederick Robison
Lowell Robison
Homer Franklin Robison
Eldred Vickery Robison
Loran Culbert Robison
Lindon Wells Robison
Alda Leona Robison
Spouse: Lillie Lang
Married: 23 Apr 1912 St. George, Utah
Children: Birdie Isabella Robison
Willis Alma Robison

Rockwood Place:

Notes by Birdie Isabella Robison Swasey

My Father Alma met my mother, Lillie, and wooed her down in Buckhorn Springs, Iron County, Utah. He was a handsome curly haired, brown eyed young man that Lillie looking out seeing him for the first time, announced that he was to be her future husband. Her sister was still unmarried, so the family expected her to marry before Lillie. Anyway they went to the St. George Temple and were married 23 April 1912. That day back in Fillmore his mother died of a stroke. When they returned to Buckhorn they learned of her passing. The following June they went to Fillmore to visit, but stayed and farmed for Uncle Almon D. Robison. My father raised alfalfa seed and made enough to buy Mother's Vertical Feed sewing machine and their Delaw Separator.

My parents homesteaded a place in Buckhorn Springs. We lived in a one roomed log cabin. It was north of Grandpa John M. Lang's place, Aunt Ina lived south of Grandpa's and father's sister Isabella's family lived to the east of us. The homestead had a flowing well, artesian, and we grew water cress in a pool. I recall seeing mirages caused by heat waves across the flat in the summer.

[After moving to Granite,] Father worked in the silver mines in Alta or in the smelters in Midvale. We found a farm across Granite to the south and west. We were buying it. My folks could really make berries and small fruits grow. We had many fruits here.

On our little farm was a bungalow, painted rust brown trimmed with white window and door casings. It was surround by Box elder trees and a lawn and flower beds and garden and crop land. Then there were some sandy hills with wild oak brush where the cows and horses could graze. We had sheds for cows and horses and pig pens and chicken and duck houses. The house had a front room, unfurnished, a kitchen, a back porch, both screened and glassed, and three bedrooms and a basement. My room was the middle bedroom going off from the family room or kitchen. The kitchen range was our only heat in the winter so it was the family room all right.


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Submitted by: Birdie R. Swasey
Family of: Alma Pratt Robison & Lillie Lang
  • Burial place variant: Boneta-Mountain Home Cemetery