Alvin Duane House (1930-1995)

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Alvin Duane Howse
Caroline & Alvin House
Born: 23 Aug 1930 Lansing, Michigan
Died: 16 Jul 1995 Lansing, Michigan
Father: Raymond Leslie
Mother: Lillith Eva Curd
Siblings: Ruth May House
Phyllis Marie House
Earl Leroy House
Alvin Duane House
Irene Marilyn House
David House
Daniel House
Spouse: Caroline
Married: in Michigan
Children: Linda House
Sheryl House
Bonnie House
Connie House
Mikael House
Terry House
Spouse: (2) Mary L.
Married: in Michigan


House, Alvin
Birth Date: 23 Aug 1930
Death Date: 16 Jul 1995
Social Security Number: 384-26-0033
State Number Was Issued: Michigan
Death Residence Zip Code: 48823
Localities: East Lansing, Ingham, Michigan
  • Mrs. Catherine Louise Howse, Letter to Joanne M. H. Howse -10 Oct. 1987:
Alvin D. House son of Raymond: 9490 E. Clark Rd. East Lansing, MI