Baby Girl Robison (1946-1946)

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Baby Girl Robison
Born: 25 Oct 1946 Fillmore, Utah
Died: 25 Oct 1946 Fillmore, Utah
Father: Harold Raymond Robison
Mother: Maxine Lowder
Siblings: Baby Girl Robison
Frank Wayne Robison
Eugene L. Robison
Harold Lowder Robison
Julie Fern Robison
Geneil Robison

A Baby Girl was born on the 25th of October, 1946 to Harold Raymond Robison and Maxine Lowder.

Her brothers and sisters are Frank Wayne Robison, Eugene L. Robison, Harold Lowder Robison, Julie Fern Robison and Geneil Robison.


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  • Birth: See death record.
  • Death, Burial: Fillmore City Corporation, Cemetery Master List, by Deceased Name, 13 Jun 1994, p. 382:
BLK 33, Lot 1, Grave 5
Father: Ray Robison
Mother: Maxine Robison
b. 10-25-1946 Fillmore, Utah
d. 10-25-1946 Fillmore, Utah
Current Owner: Robison, Frank
Original Owner: Robison, etal