Belinda Pratt Robison (1880-1966)

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Belinda Pratt Robison Young
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Linda, circa 1900
Born: 2 Mar 1880 Fillmore, Utah
Died: 27 Oct 1966 Richfield, Utah
Father: Franklin Alonzo Robison
Mother: Isabella Eleanor Marden Pratt
Siblings: Alonzo Franklin Robison
Parley Proctor Robison
Joseph Alfred Robison
Herma Lucretia Robison
Belinda Pratt Robison
Ruth Pratt Robison
Isabella Pratt Robison
Carrie Pratt Robison
Alma Pratt Robison
Harmel Pratt Robison
Parker Pratt Robison
Olea Pratt Robison
Half Siblings: Willis Nephi Robison
Lois Hattie Robison
Josephine Robison
Herbert Alonzo Robison
Ella Adelia Robison
Alverna Robison
Ancil Platte Robison
Addie Florence Robison
Archie Robison
Bernard Thorpe Robison
Nolan Frederick Robison
Lowell Robison
Homer Franklin Robison
Eldred Vickery Robison
Loran Culbert Robison
Lindon Wells Robison
Alda Leona Robison
Spouse: Archibald William Young
Married: 11 Jan 1905 Salt Lake City, Utah
Children: Rachel Young
Jessie Young
Franklin Archibald Young
Alta Young
Parley Parker Young
Reba Young


I have been asked to make a record of my life--. To begin with I was born March 2, 1880 of good parents who taught me the truths of righteousness and inspired me in Faith and doing the things that are right. At the age of 8 years old, my mother told me I was old enough to be baptized, and asked me what I wanted to do. She said everyone had to choose for themselves. She knew I would choose the right so I became a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. From that time I haven't has a doubt in my mind as to the truthfulness of the gospel, for which I am thankful.

My parents are Franklin Alonzo Robison and Isabella Eleanor Pratt.

I went through the grade school and had one year in college. My greatest ambition was to learn music and raise birds. I have raised and sold a great many canaries. I was married to Archie W. Young, January 11, 1905 in the Salt Lake Temple. I have raised a family of six children.

I learned to play the organ both by ear and by note without a teacher and learned to sing and play my own accompaniments. I have always been in choirs where there were choirs to be in, including the Salt Lake tabernacle choir. I worked and paid for a few lessons in vocal music, and sang often in public.

At the age of 8 years I went to Salt Lake City and saw the Oxen teams working on the grounds of the L.D.S. Temple in preparation for building the temple.

I rode in the first outfit drawn by mules, before street cars. I also rode in the first automobile that was brought into Salt Lake belonging to John Silver.

I was treasurer of the Richfield 1st Ward Relief Society for 9 years and Relief Society teacher for a number of years.

I might Say something about my children. I lost one little girl by accident, Jessie, age 4 years. Rachel filled a mission to the Eastern states. Alta works in both Primary and M.I.A. Parley is at the head of the scout work in this section and also is principal of High School at Monroe, Sevier county, Utah. Reba is Stake Chorister and over the Junior Sunday School. She is musically inclined and helps in many ways in the line of music. Frank has been called into the Stake Presidency and he goes to the temple about twice a week. Alta's boy, Kirk is in the North Central States Mission and Alta is working to help support him there. Rachel is genealogy class leader. I could say more about my children but I guess it is up to them to write their own.


By her sister, Carrie Robison Despain

In our home and every place Linda went she was so very tolerant and unselfish that there was always peace in her company. She never quarreled or contended much with anyone. She was firm in her opinions and allowed others the same privilege. Mother called her "our peace maker".

Belinda Pratt Robison Young

Enough can not be said about her exceptional talent and pursuit of music. Her voice was rich and clear. She sang both soprano and alto. She played by note most classical music and most anything she heard. She could not tolerate cheap music nor speech. She composed some very beautiful pieces although she never had a music lesson. Her feeling and expression were so great that out home and hers were flooded at all hours of the day, especially at the twilight hours, with the most heavenly strains of music, both singing and instrumental. She loved the organ.

Her ambition for learning and for musical education was so great that she made many sacrifices and went through many hardships to achieve her goal. Being in the tabernacle choir she had a chance to hear some of the world's greatest singers and musicians. She heard Madam Nordica and others.

In her later years Linda became just as enthusiastic about doing temple work for the dead. She devoted years of labor both in the Salt Lake and Manti temples. She had many wonderful experiences and could see the hand of the Lord in it giving her testimonies that it was the Lord's work. On one occasion she heard a heavenly choir when no choir was present.

She and Archie still live peaceably in their home in Richfield, Sevier county, Utah, surrounded by their many descendants and their loving friends.

She still plays and sings and Archie still toils on the place in a nice garden. He is now 83 and she is 80.

Their life has been so well spent and they have endured faithfully unto the end. They can easily be called "the children of God" as he said "Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God." (Matthew Ch. 5)

She was always industrious working from the earliest light of dawn. The following account in her words is typical of her industry: "When we brought our old home Archie was away working. Our lot was covered with cockleburs. I went out and took a big tub, a broom, and a shovel and went all over the lot and swept. I took up 20 tubs of these burs and got rid of them. Every year I went over the lot to see that none were growing. I also cleaned out all the burdocks. The burs were so thick you couldn't help stepping on them."

Belinda Pratt Robison Young died October 27, 1966 and is buried in the Richfield cemetery, Sevier county, Utah with her husband Archibald William Young and daughter, Jessie Young.


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ROBISON, Franklin A.
, Belinda, white, female, 2/12, MAR 1880, daughter, single, UT
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