Benjamin Armock (1881-1949)

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Benjamin Armock
Armock, Benjamin.jpg
Littlefield Township Cemetery
Born: 7 Mar 1881 Alpine, Michigan
Died: 26 Jul 1949 Petoskey, Michigan
Father: Nicholas Armock
Mother: Catherine Kluting
Siblings: Veronica Armock
Anthony Armock
John Armock
Enoch Armock
Daniel Armock
Albert Armock
Joseph Armock
Benjamin Armock
Paul Armock
Rose Armock
William Armock
Frank Armock
Spouse: Rhoda Louisa Moore
Married: 6 Aug 1902 Petoskey, Michigan
Children: Mae C. Armock
Lela C. Armock
Maude Marie Armock
Rosa Lila Armock
Amos Benjamin Armock
Forrest N. Armock
Rufus Lee Armock
Albert Kenneth Swadling


  • Marriage: Michigan Marriages 1868-1925
Groom's name: Benn Arnock
Groom's age: 21 years
Groom's birth year: 1881
Groom's birthplace: Michigan
Bride's name: Rhoda Moore
Bride's age: 18 years
Bride's birth year: 1884
Bride's birthplace: Michigan
Marriage date: 06 Aug 1902
Marriage place: Petoskey, Emmet, Michigan
Groom's father's name: Nicholas
Groom's mother's name: Catharine Klating
Father of bride's name: David
Mother of bride's name: Clara Stale...
Film number: 2342521
Digital GS number: 4208661
Image number: 423
Reference number: p 674 rn 113
Collection: Michigan Marriages 1868-1925
  • Death: Emmet County, Michigan, Vital Records Search, Deaths:
Armock, Benjamin
Date of Death: 7/26/1949
Liber: 5
Folio: 24
Place of Death: Petoskey
Armock, Benjamin
Age: 68
Born: 0/0/0000
Died: 7/26/1949
Burial: 7/29/1949
Cemetery: Littlefield Twp., Alanson