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The Biographical Wiki is designed to create a collaborative database of biographical information.

The following are some recommendations to help achieve that goal:

  • Don't try to do it all at once. Crafting a useful biography with links takes patience and practice. Take as much time as you like. The Wiki is designed for each article to be edited and re-edited.
  • Use the talk pages. Collaborate with your cousins and other users.
  • Look around at existing biographies:
    • Investigate how they were edited
    • Learn how to create links to new pages
    • Learn how to create links to existing pages
  • Include as much specific information as you can. List:
    • Parents
    • Birth date
    • Birth place
    • Brothers and sisters
    • Schools and churches attended
    • Places the family lived
    • Spouse(s)
    • Marriage date(s)
    • Marriage place(s)
    • Children
    • Occupation(s)
    • Military service
    • Civil service
    • Death date
    • Death place
    • Funeral information
    • Burial date
    • Burial place
  • Create pages for each family member
  • Include references to where your information originated.
  • An obituary, alone, is not a biography. Rather, an obituary can be used to create a biography and can be used as part of a biography.
  • If a person is living, DO NOT create a page for them. Instead, link them to the Living page