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The Biographical Wiki is a not-for-profit website owned by Stephen D. Robison with the goal of providing a free collaborative biographical knowledge base.

Why Help The Biographical Wiki?

If you're reading this, you have probably seen how helpful Biographical Wiki can be in organizing and linking biographical information.

All donations will be used for hosting the site and keeping the domain registered.

Please do not feel obligated to donate. We guarantee that you are, and will continue to be, free to use our content regardless of whether you can afford to donate.

Make a donation

If you would like to help support the Biographical Wiki, you may send checks or money orders through regular mail. You may mail donations to:

Biographical Wiki

c/o Stephen D. Robison
12399 Stockade Lane
Herriman, UT  84096


If you are sending a donation from outside the United States, please remember that an international money order or check (cheque) payable to a United States bank would be appreciated. This is to avoid collection costs, which can be in excess of US$50. International postal money orders payable in the United States are available in post offices in many countries and will ensure your complete donation goes to the Wiki. Please do not send currency through the mail.

Deductibility of Donations

Please note that any donations are likely not tax-deductible, either in the United States or other countries, because the Biographical Wiki is not yet registered as a non-profit organization. Please check with your tax advisor to obtain more information.