Briant Stringham (1823-1871)

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Briant Stringham
Briant Stringham
Born: 28 Mar 1823 Colesville, New York
Died: 4 Aug 1871 Salt Lake City, Utah
Father: George Stringham
Mother: Polly Hendrickson
Siblings: Sabra Stringham
Briant Stringham
Jeremiah Stringham
Elmeda Stringham
George Ammon Stringham
Benjamin Joseph Stringham
Spouse: (1) Susan Ann Ashby
Married: 21 Mar 1850 Salt Lake City, Utah
Children: Susan Stringham
Briant Stringham, Jr.
James Stringham
Philip Stringham
Lucy Stringham
Julia Stringham
Jacob Stringham
Ashby Stringham
William Stringham
John Stringham
Spouse: (2) Harriet Maria Ashby
Married: 20 Apr 1852 Salt Lake City, Utah
Children: Maria Stringham
Harriet Stringham
Polly Stringham
Elmeda Stringham
Rozilla Stringham
Henry Stringham
Alice Stringham
Nathaniel George Stringham
Spouse: (3) Martha Ellen Ashby
Married: 12 Aug 1856 Salt Lake City, Utah
Children: Martha Stringham
Chloe Stringham
Jedediah Stringham
Hammond Stringham
Ada Stringham
Judith Theressa Stringham
Richard Stringham

Briant Stringham was born March 23, 1823 in Colesville, Broome County, New York, to George Stringham and Polly Hendrickson Stringham. He was baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in June of 1841 and came to the Salt Lake valley with the first group of pioneers on 24 Jul 1847. He was a butcher, an explorer, a builder, a soldier, and a stockman.

Briant Stringham became foreman of the Antelope Island ranch, serving from 1855 to 1871. He transported the stock to and from the island on a large flat-bottom boat. He grew grain and alfalfa, cultivated a large garden, and planted an orchard. During his tenure as a foreman, the church-owned livestock company invested in valuable stallions and brood mares which were turned loose to run and breed on the island.

The band of horses sometimes numbered over one thousand. Briant was known for his kindness to animals, and he enjoyed the time spent caring for the horses. During these years, the Stringhams maintained residence in Salt Lake City, but the family spent considerable time at their island home.

In July of 1871 Briant Stringham was caught in a storm on the lake and was soaked and exposed to the chilling wind. He became ill, developed congestion of the lungs, and died August 4. He had worked on the island for nearly sixteen years.


The Deseret News, Salt Lake City, Utah, Wednesday, August 9, 1871, p. 8:

OBITUARY.--A profound feeling of sorrow was produced among the people of this city on receipt of the intelligence this morning that Brother Briant Stringham had died at half past five this A. M., at his residence near the Jordan River. The sensation was all the more intense on account of such an event being totally unlooked for, but few people even being aware that he was sick. The disease with which he was afflicted and which terminated his life was bilious remittent fever, with which he had been ill about nine days previous to his death, although he had complained of feeling somewhat indisposed before being taken with the fever.

Brother Stringham was as widely known in the Territory as a man could be. He was a man of unimpeachable life and character and sterling integrity, being respected and esteemed by all who had the pleasure of his acquaintance. He was in his 47th year, was the eldest son of George and Polly Stringham, and was raised in the Church from his early boyhood. He was one of the Pioneers of this Valley, having come here in President Brigham Young's company in 1847. His family followed him the next year.

The remains of the deceased will be brought to town this evening and the funeral obsequies will take place at 10 a.m. to morrow, at the Thirteenth Ward Assembly Rooms.

Brother Stringham leaves a numerous family to mourn his loss.


  • Name variant: Bryant [sealing records, 1860 census]
  • Birth variant: 28 Mar 1825
  • 1st Marriage, variant: 1848 [Infobases]
  • Sealing: FamilySearch IGI, Extracted Marriage Record, Salt Lake Co., UT:
Groom: Bryant STRINGHAM
Bride: Susan Ann ASHBY
Married: 20 Apr 1852 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah
  • Sealing: FamilySearch IGI, Extracted Marriage Record, Salt Lake Co., UT:
Groom: Bryant STRINGHAM
Bride: Harriett Maria ASHBY
Married: 20 Apr 1852 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah
  • Sealing: FamilySearch IGI, Extracted Marriage Record, Salt Lake Co., UT:
Groom: Bryant STRINGHAM
Bride: Nancy Garr
Married: 14 Dec 1858 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah
  • 1860 Federal Census, 13th Ward, Great Salt Lake City, Great Salt Lake County, Utah Territory, p. #12, Family #69:
Stringham, Bryant, M, 36, NY
, Louisa, F, 27 , Massachusetts
, Martha, F, 25, Massachusetts
, Harriet, F, 22, Massachusetts
, Benjamin, M, 19, Illinois
, Rodney, M, 12, Utah
, George, M, 10, Utah
, Bryant, M, 8, Utah
, Ellen, F, 7, Utah
, James, M, 5, Utah
, Susan, F, 4, Utah
, Philip, M, 3, Utah
, Harriet, F, 3, Utah
, Lucy, F, 2, Utah
, Chloe, F, 2, Utah
, Almeda, F, 2, Utah
Ashby, Nathaniel, M, 22, Massachusetts
, Richard, M, 17, Massachusetts
, William, M, 15, Massachusetts
, John, M, 13, Massachusetts
  • Death: Utah Deaths and Burials, 1888-1946:
Name: Briant Stringham
Gender: Unknown
Death Date: 04 Aug 1871
Death Place: Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah
Marital Status: Unknown
Indexing Project (Batch) Number: B54933-2
System Origin: Utah-EASy
Source Film Number: 26553
Reference Number: #4780 p120
  • Death variations:
Aug 1870 [Infobases]
4 Dec 1888 [Builders, p. 703]
Briant Stringham
Cemetery: Salt Lake City Cemetery, Salt Lake, Utah
Plot: B_8_7_1/2_E
Created by: Rhonda
Record Added: Jan 10, 2008
Find A Grave Memorial# 23895666
  • Burial variant: Holden [Infobases]
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