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|label3 = Father: |data3 =  [[Charles Wesley Ingalls (1812-1889)|Charles Wesley Ingalls]]
|label3 = Father: |data3 =  [[Charles Wesley Ingalls (1812-1889)|Charles Wesley Ingalls]]
|label4 = Mother: |data4 =  [[Catherine D. Hamm (1811-1882)|Catherine D. Hamm]]
|label4 = Mother: |data4 =  [[Catherine D. Hamm (1811-1882)|Catherine D. Hamm]]
|label5 = Siblings: |data5 =  [[Cleveland Alphonso Ingalls (1842-1908)|Cleveland Alphonso Ingalls]]  
|label5 = Siblings: |data5 =  [[Maranda Ingalls (1832-)|Maranda Ingalls]]<br>[[Manley Ingalls (1836-)|Manley Ingalls]]<br>[[Hale Ingals (1837-)|Hale Ingals]]<br>[[George Ingalls (1839-)|George Ingalls]]<br>[[Cleveland Alphonso Ingalls (1842-1908)|Cleveland Alphonso Ingalls]]<br>[[Edward Ingalls (1844-)|Edward Ingalls]]<br>[[Frances Ingalls (1846-)|Frances Ingalls]]<br>[[Sylvester Ingalls (1849-)|Sylvester Ingalls]]  
|label6 = Spouse: |data6 =  [[Mary Jane Colburn (1841-1922)|Mary Jane Colburn]]
|label6 = Spouse: |data6 =  [[Mary Jane Colburn (1841-1922)|Mary Jane Colburn]]
|label7 = Married: |data7 =  Before 1878 of Harbor Springs, Michigan
|label7 = Married: |data7 =  Before 1878 of Harbor Springs, Michigan

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Cleveland Alphonso Ingalls
Born: 1842 Michigan
Died: 4 Jun 1908 West Traverse, Emmet, Michigan
Father: Charles Wesley Ingalls
Mother: Catherine D. Hamm
Siblings: Maranda Ingalls
Manley Ingalls
Hale Ingals
George Ingalls
Cleveland Alphonso Ingalls
Edward Ingalls
Frances Ingalls
Sylvester Ingalls
Spouse: Mary Jane Colburn
Married: Before 1878 of Harbor Springs, Michigan
Children: Francis Lula M. Ingalls
Guy Alphonso Ingalls


  • Name variations:
Alfonso [Burial record]
Alphonzo [1880 census, death]
  • 1850 Federal Census, Sebewa, Ionia, Michigan
Ingalls, Charles W., male, 36, New Hampshire
, Catharine, female, 37, New Hampshire
, Manley, male, 14, Massachusetts
, Hale, male, 13, New Hampshire
, George, male, 11, Michigan
, Alfonzo, male, 8, Michigan
, Edward, male, 6, Michigan
, Francis, female, 4, Michigan
, Sylvester, male, 1, Michigan
, Maranda, female, 18, Canada
  • 1860 Federal Census, Ionia Co., Michigan, Family # 426
Ingalls, Charles, W., male, 47, New Hampshire
, Catherine, female, 47, New Hampshire
, Alphonso, male, 18, Michigan
, Edward, male, 17, Michigan
, Frances, female, 14, Michigan
, Sylvester, male, 11, Michigan
  • 1870 Federal Census, Danby, Ionia, Michigan
Ingalls, Charles, male, white, 27, b. Michigan
, Catharine, female, white, 59, b. New Hampshire
, Alphonso, male, white, 27, b. Michigan
, Sylvester, male, white, 21, b. Michigan
Ham, Doratha, female, white, 90, b. New Hampshire
  • 1880 Federal Census, Little Traverse, Emmet, Michigan
Ingalls, C. Alphonzo, head, married, male, white, 38, MI, Farmer, NH, NH
, Mary, wife, married, female, white, 39, CAN, Keeping House, VT, VT
, Lula F., daughter, single, female, white, 2, MI, MI, CAN
, ----, son, single, male, white, 2M, MI, MI, CAN
Bradshaw, James C., sson, single, male, white, 13, NY, At Home, UNK, CAN
Bradshaw, Nellie R., SDaughter, single, female, white, 11, PA, At Home, UNK, CAN
Franque, Emil M., Other, single, male, white, 24, LORRAINE GER, Clerk In Store, GER, GER
Faulks, Justian, Other, single, male, white, 58, ENG, Servant Man, ENG, ENG
Budd, George, Other, single, male, white, 21, MI, Clerk In Store, ENG, ENG
  • Death: Emmet County, Michigan, Vital Records Search, Deaths:
INGALLS, C. Alphonzo
Date of Death: 6/4/1908
Liber: 2
Folio: 133
Place of Death: West Traverse
Ingalls, Cleveland Alfonso
Age: 59
Born: 0/0/0000
Died: 6/4/1900
Burial: 6/4/1900
Cemetery: Lakeview, Harbor Springs
Military: Civil War, Pvt., Co. K, 2nd Mich Inf.
Name: INGALLS, C. Alfonso
Rank: Pvt
Unit: Co. K, 2 MI Inf.
Cemetery: 002
Death Date: 6-4-1900
Age at Death: 59
Notes: Bur Sec A
Charles Wesley INGALLS & Catherine D. HAMM’S children were:
4. Cleveland Alphonso INGALLS born August 22, 1841, died June 2, 1900; married Mary Jane COLBURN