Cornelia Guinal (1778-1829)

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Cornelia Guinal Robison
Born: 11 Feb 1778 of Charleston, New York
Died: 28 Apr 1829 South Auburn, Pennsylvania
Father: James Albert Guinal
Mother: Matilda Collier
Siblings: Jane Lovina Guinal
Wyntje Guinal
Albert Guinal
Cornelia Guinal
Spouse: Joseph Robison
Married: 1 Jan 1794 Fort Plain, Montgomery, New York
Children: John Robison
Jane Robison
James Miller Robison
William Henry Robison
Joseph Robison
Lovina Robison
Mary Robison
Matilda Robison
Susan Robison
Delilah Robison
Peter Robison
Margaret Robison


  • Name variations:
Nelly, Neeltje
Gumal [Builders, p. 423]
Grunal [William A. Gregory FGR]
Grinnell [Sweeting binder]
Quenald [marriage record]
  • Ranney, Lucretia Lyman. Some Information on the Families of Robison-Adams-Guinal-Collier and Quackenbush and Others. Prepared from old family records, St. George Temple Records, and Dutch Reformed Church Records of N. Y., pp. 7, II.
Jan, 1, 1794 - Joseph Robertson married Cornelia Quenald
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  • Family Group Record Collection [Patron Section]
Submitted by: Mrs. Iola R. O'Donnell
Family of: Peter Robison & Celina Hayward Chaffee
  • Family Group Record Collection [Patron Section]
Submitted by: William A. Gregory
Family of: Peter Robison & Mary Ann Ashley
  • Nicolo, Margaret LaDean Sutton Sweeting. Sweeting Family Records Binder.
  • Marriage: Reformed Dutch Church at Fort Plain, Formerly Reformed Calvinist Church of Canajoharie:
Jan. 1, 1794 - Joseph Robertson married Cornelia Quenald
  • Death variant: Spring, 1830 [Builders, p. 597]
  • Burial: FHL film 1294873, Pine Plains Cemetery, Clay/Euclid, Onondaga, NY, p. 27:
Robinson Cornelia, wife of Joseph. Died April 26, 1829. Age 51 years.