Donovan Hurd Barnum (1906-1983)

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Donovan Hurd Barnum
Donovan & a Melching Cousin
Born: 23 Jan 1906 Harbor Springs, Michigan
Died: 4 Jun 1983 Van Nuys, California
Father: Edward Delancey Barnum
Mother: Emma Wilhelmine Melching
Siblings: Ella Roberta Ferguson
Ernest Eugene Ferguson, Jr.
Donovan Hurd Barnum
Margaret Melching Barnum
Spouse: Gladys Eileen Mack
Married: 10 Aug 1932 Hollywood, California
Children: Charlene Gladys Barnum
Donovan Edward Barnum
Ernest Christian Barnum

Donovan Hurd Barnum was born 23 January 1906 at Harbor Springs, Emmet, Michigan.

His parents are Edward Delancey Barnum and Emma Wilhelmine Melching.

His siblings are Margaret Melching Barnum, Ella Roberta Ferguson and Ernest Eugene Ferguson, Jr.

He married Gladys Eileen Mack on 10 August 1932 Hollywood, Los Angeles, California.

Their children are Charlene Gladys Barnum
Donovan Edward Barnum and Ernest Christian Barnum.

Donovan died 4 June 1983 at Van Nuys, Los Angeles, California.


  • Letter from Charlene Barnum Brower to Arnold Howse May 26, 2000.
  • Melching Family Bible, copy given to Arnold L. Howse
  • Howse, Joanne Marie Heinz. Howse Best-Mar26,2005.paf file
  • Death: Social Security Death Index:
Barnum, Donovan
Birth Date: 23 Jan 1906
Death Date: Jun 1983
Social Security Number: 553-28-2188
State Number Was Issued: California
Death Residence Zip Code: 91360
Conejo Valley, Ventura, California
Thousand Oaks, Ventura, California