Doris Dorene Kanosh (1937-1958)

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Doris Dorene Kanosh Martineau
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Doris Dorene Kanosh
Born: 23 Dec 1937 Cedar City, Utah
Died: 22 Sep 1958 Richfield, Utah
Father: Deere H. Kanosh
Mother: Edurine Jake
Siblings: Doris Dorene Kanosh
Kennard King Kanosh
Junior Kanosh
Jenny Lee Kanosh
Clarice Georgina Kanosh
Baby Kanosh
Wilbert Dwane Kanosh
Donna Kanosh
Colleen Kanosh
Milo Dee Kanosh
Don Boyden Kanosh
Karen Ann Lou Kanosh
Davy Crockett Kanosh
Farron Wayne Kanosh
Baby Kanosh
Spouse: Douglas LaVan Martineau
Married: 8 Dec 1954 Manti, Utah
Children: Dorena Lee Martineau
Sophia Ann Martineau
LaVan Martineau


The Richfield Reaper, Richfield, Utah, Thursday, 25 Sep 1958, p. 5:


Funeral services for Mrs. Doris Dorene Kanosh Martineau, 20 and her stillborn son, LaVan Martineau Jr. were held Wednesday at 2 p.m. in the Richfield Fifth ward chapel. Mrs. Martineau died in a Richfield hospital Monday morning due to complications of childbirth.

Mrs. Martineau was born in Cedar City Dec. 23, 1937 a daughter of Deer and Edurine Jake Kanosh. She was married to Douglas LaVan Martineau Dec. 8, 1955 in the Manti LDS Temple. She was an active member of the LDS church holding several offices in the Sevier Stake Indian Branch.

Survivors include her husband, two daughters, Dorena and Sophia, Richfield; parents of Richfield; grandparents, Florence Kanosh, Richfield, and Carl and Minnie Jake of Cedar City; six brothers, four sisters, Kennard, Jenny Lee, Clarice, Wilbert, Colleen, Mile, Don, Karen, Farrell and Davey, all of Richfield.

Burial was in the Richfield City cemetery under the direction of the Neal S. Magleby Mortuary, Richfield.

Indian memorial services were held Monday afternoon to sunrise Wednesday at the Richfield Indian Village.


  • Name variant: Doren [IGI]
  • Burial: Richfield Tombstone Inscriptions, Martineau, copied Dec 1995:
MARTINEAU, Doris K. and baby, 1937-1958.
  • Martineau, Douglas LaVan. Southern Paiute Genealogy, Koosharem Band:
HUSBAND: Douglas LaVan Martineau.
WIFE: (1) Doris Dorene Kanosh (See her photograph in book.)
Born: 23 December 1937, Cedar City, Utah.
Died: 22 September 1958, 6:45 a.m., Richfield, Utah.
Buried: 24 September 1958, Richfield, Utah.
Father: Deere Kanosh.
Mother: Edurine Jake.
1. Dorena Lee Martineau (female)
2. Sophia Ann Martineau (female)
3. LaVan Martineau Jr. (male)
  • Martineau, Douglas LaVan. Southern Paiute Genealogy, Koosharem Band:
HUSBAND: Deere H. Kanosh.
WIFE: (2) Edurine Jake.
1. Doris Dorene (female)
Born 23 December 1937, Cedar City, Utah.
Died 22 September 1958.
Married Douglas LaVan Martineau, 8 December 1954.
INFORMATION SOURCE: Deere and Edurine Kanosh, and family.
  • Palmer, William R. Palmer. Utah State Historical Quarterly, vol. 12, p. 4:
Deere Kanosh was expecting as increase in his family and his young wife, Adrine, had negotiated a two dollar loan from me to purchase the needed layette of four diapers and enough outing flannel to line the papoose basket and to make one little gown. At 3:00 a.m. one morning I answered a knock at my door and there stood Clarence, Adrine's brother. "Adrine pretty sick. She want you to come quick" was his laconic announcement. Then he turned to leave, I called him back and wrote a note for him to take to her doctor. I told him to come back if the doctor refused to go to Adrine. The doctor took Adrine to the hospital where her baby was born during the day. On the following day Adrine ran away from the institution leaving her baby behind because she did not know where to find it. She walked nearly a mile to the Indian camp and the following day her mother went and brought the baby home. Adrine did not like anything about the hospital--the twilight sleep, the warm room, the clean white sheets, the bath--and believe it or not, she left because there was too much exposure and it was all too shocking to her modesty.
She prefers the Indian way. Her truancy with its long walk apparently did her no harm. [The baby's name was Doris Kanosh.--LaVan Martineau]
Dr. McQuarrie, of Richfield, Utah, states that Doris Kanosh was the first Indian born in a hospital in the state of Utah.
Deere Kanosh says that the reason they went to Cedar to have their baby in the Hospital was to please the doctor who had urged them to do so.
She was the first Indian born in a hospital but she also died in a hospital due to doctor's error.
As Doris was having her third baby, which was coming out head first, the doctors thought it was a breach birth and they spent four hours trying to turn the baby around. This killed her and the baby.--LaVan Martineau.
  • FamilySearch IGI, record of a deceased member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints:
Born: 23 Dec 1937 Cedar City, Iron, Utah
Died: 22 Sep 1958
Father: Deere Kanosh
Mother: Adraine Jake