Dorothy Mable Higgins (1888-1956)

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Dorothy Mable "Dolly" Higgins Bowser
Dick & DollyBowser.jpg
Dolly & Richard Harrison Bowser]]
Born: 24 Feb 1888 Elk River, Minnesota
Died: 30 Aug 1956 Crane Lake, Minnesota
Father: Elisha Albion Higgins
Mother: Susan Mable Davis
Siblings: Cora May Higgins
Joseph Davis Higgins
Eliza Higgins
Augustus Higgins
Susannah Higgins
Richard David Higgins
Dorothy Mable Higgins
John Henry Higgins
Lottie Lora Higgins
Mary Louise Higgins
Bertha Edna Higgins
Charles Higgins
Jessie Higgins
Raymond Otto Higgins
Spouse: Richard Harrison Bowser
Married: 5 Aug 1910 Superior, Wisconsin
Children: Richard Bowser
Catherine Bowser
Dorothy Bowser
John Bowser
Donald Bowser
Patricia Bowser
Robert Bowser

Dorothy Mable Higgins was born February 24, 1888 in Elk River, Sherburne, Minnesota.

Her parents are Elisha Albion Higgins and Susan Mable Davis.

Her siblings are Cora May Higgins, Joseph Davis Higgins, Eliza Higgins, Augustus Higgins, Susannah Higgins, Richard David Higgins, John Henry Higgins, Lottie Lora Higgins, Mary Louise Higgins, Bertha Edna Higgins, Charles Higgins, Jessie Higgins and Raymond Otto Higgins.

Dolly married Richard Harrison Bowser on August 5, 1910 at Superior, Douglas, Wisconsin.

Their children were: Richard Bowser b.1911, Catherine Bowser b.1912, Dorothy Bowser b.1913, John W Bowser b.1914, Donald Bowser b.1916, Patricia Bowser b.1917, Robert H Bowser b.1920

Dolly died August 30, 1956 at Crane Lake, Saint Louis, Minnesota.


  • Name variant: Dolly
  • Higgins Histories, by Eleanor Brown Higgins:
Children of Susan Davis and Elisha A. Higgins:
b. 24 Feb 1888 Elk River, Minnesota
d. 30 Aug 1956 Crane Lake, Minnesota
  • 1930 United States Federal Census
Richard H Bowser 41
Dorothy M Bowser 42
Richard W Bowser 18
Catherine E Bowser 17
Dorothy M Bowser 16
John W Bowser 15
Donald S Bowser 13
Patricia A Bowser 12
Robert H Bowser 9