Edgar B. Chase (1846-1921)

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Edgar B. Chase
Edgar & Virginia E.Chase.jpg
Edgar B. & Virginia E. Chase
Born: 24 Jan 1846 Lyons, Michigan
Died: 12 Jun 1921 Tyrone, Michigan
Father: Bela Chase
Mother: Hannah Buck
Siblings: Edgar B. Chase
Thomas Chase
Spouse: Virginia Estell Scothorn
Married: 21 Oct 1868 Alpine, Michigan
Children: Nora L. Chase
Maud A. Chase
Daisy Chase


  • Lane, Ralph H. The Scothorn Family, page 49:
The Chases lived in Tallmadge twp., Ottawa, Michigan in 1840
and at some time lived in Lamont, Michigan.
  • Marriage: Michigan Marriages 1868-1925
Groom's name: Edgar Chase
Groom's age: 21 years
Groom's birth year: 1847
Groom's birthplace: Lyons, Mich.
Bride's name: Virginia E. Scothern
Bride's birthplace: Ohio
Marriage date: 21 Oct 1868
Marriage place: Alpine, Kent, Michigan
Film number: 2342449
Digital GS number: 4207955
Image number: 403
Reference number: v 1 p 300
Collection: Michigan Marriages 1868-1925
  • 1880 Federal Census, Tyrone, Kent, Michigan
Chase, Edgar B., self, married, male, white, 33, Michigan, Farmer, New York, Pennsylvania 
, Virginia S., wife, married, female, white, 32, Ohio, House Keeper, Unknown, Unknown 
, Nora, dau., single, female, white, 11, Michigan, in School, Michigan, Ohio 
, Maud, dau., single, female, white, 7, Michigan, in School, Michigan, Ohio 
, Daisy, dau., single, female, white, 5, Michigan, in School, Michigan, Ohio 
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Cemetery: South Casnovia Cemetery Name: Edgar B Chase Date Of Photograph: April 12, 2006
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Edgar B Chase (1846-1921), son of Bela & Hannah Buck Chase. Civil War veteran.
Husband of Virginia Scothorn, father of Nora Chase Hendershot, Maude Chase

Stinson, & Daisy Chase.

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  • Bela Chase 1802-1859 NH, NY & MI

Posted by: Trudy and Paul Hawley Date: May 31, 1999 at 15:13:23 We are looking for more information about the 4 wives and the 13 children of Bela Chase, born 1802 in Croyden NH and died 1859 in Kent or Ottawa MI. He is #2004 in the Seven Generations of Aquila, the son of Abel and Lydia Chase. Abel Chase died 1843 in Lyon, Oakland, MI. Lydia Aldrich Chase died 1820 in Farmington, NY According to the book, Bela Chase was married three times: 1-Aurilla Whipple, ten children, 2-??? Buck, one child, 3-Minerva Shute, two children. He must have married a fourth wife, because his surviving widow was named Rachael (who later married Abner Soule in Alpine, Kent, Michigan, where she is buried). We have no dates of birth, marriage, or death for any of these women. From various sources, we have found some of his children's names: 1-Arnold (married Ruby Jones), 2-Abel (married Rebecca Herrick), 3-Enora, 4-Albert, 5-Edgar, and 6-Hannah.

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