Edward Delancey Barnum (1864-1922)

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Edward Delancey Barnum
Barnum, Ed, Emma, Ernest, Roberta Ferguson, Donovan Barnum.jpg
Barnum, Ed, Emma, Ernest Donovan and Roberta Ferguson]]
Born: 5 Mar 1864 Michigan
Died: 7 Mar 1922 Seattle, Washington
Father: Delancey Hurd Barnum
Mother: Harriett Hopkins
Siblings: Edward Delancey Barnum
Nettie Barnum
Spouse: Alice L. Green
Married: bef 1887 Michigan
Children: Lee M. Barnum
Spouse: Emma Wilhelmine Melching
Married: 1904 of Emmet Co., Michigan
Children: Donovan Hurd Barnum
Margaret Melching Barnum

Edward Delancey Barnum was born March 5, 1864 in Michigan to Delancey Hurd Barnum and Harriett Hopkins.

His sibling is Nettie Barnum.

He married Alice L. Green before 1887 when they had a son Lee M. Barnum in 1887 at Perry, Shiawassee, Michigan..

He married Emma Wilhelmine Melching in 1904 of Emmet Co., Michigan.

Their children are Donovan Hurd Barnum and Margaret Melching Barnum.

Edward died March 7, 1922 Seattle, King, Washington.


  • Marriage1: son Lee M. Barnum's marriage record lists Edwards wife as Alice Green.
  • Marriage2: Michigan Marriages, 1868-1925
Groom's Name: Edward Barnum
Groom's Age: 28 years
Groom's Birth Date: 1865
Groom's Birthplace: Michigan
Bride's Name: Libbie Hunter
Bride's Age: 22 years
Bride's Birth Date: 1871
Bride's Birthplace: Michigan
Marriage Type: License
Marriage Date: 25 Mar 1893
Marriage Place: Shiawassee, Michigan
Groom's Father: D. H. Barnum
Groom's Mother: Harriet Hopkins
Bride's Father: Thomas Hunter
Bride's Mother: Not Given
Film Number: 2342497
Digital Folder Number: 4207818
Image Number: 335
Reference Number: item 4 p 167 rn 1667
  • Note the marriage to Libbie is just a licence, so this may never have been finalized need to check more.
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