Floyd Ervin Engler (1909-1988)

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Floyd Ervin Engler
Born: 1909 of Buckley, Michigan
Died: 20 Oct 1988 Petoskey, Michigan
Father: Lewis Aaron Engler
Mother: Mary S. Bains
Siblings: Floyd Ervin Engler
June Mary Engler
Alma Louise Engler
Lewis John Engler
Charles William Engler
Spouse: Lucille A. Crum
Married: 7 Oct 1952 Petoskey, Michigan
Children: Laura Louise Engler
Craig Engler


  • Marriage: Emmet County, Michigan, Vital Records Search, Marriages:
ENGLER, Floyd & SATMARY, Lucille
Date of Marriage: 10/7/1952
Liber: 5
Folio: 6
  • Death: Emmet County, Michigan, Vital Records Search, Deaths:
ENGLER, Floyd E.
Date of Death: 10/20/1988
Liber: 1988
Folio: 378
Place of Death: Petoskey, MI