Fred Rippel (1882-1947)

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Fred Rippel
Fred Rippel.jpg
Born: 30 Mar 1882 Columbus, Ohio
Died: 20 Apr 1947 Columbus, Ohio
Father: John Paulus Rippel
Mother: Louisa Moser
Siblings: Anna Louise Rippel
Fred Rippel
Henry W. Rippel
George Rippel
Minnie Rippel

Fred Rippel was born 30 March 1882 at Columbus, Franklin, Ohio.

His parents are John Paulus Rippel and Louisa Moser.

His siblings are Anna Louise Rippel, Henry W. Rippel, George Rippel and Minnie Rippel.

Fred died 20 April 1947 in Columbus, Franklin, Ohio. He is buried at Green Lawn Cemetery in Columbus.


Ripple, Fred
Birth: 03/30/1882
Death: 04/20/1947
Father: Ripple, Paulus J.
  • Gravestone: Photo courtesy of Gail Broadstock