Friedrich Wilhelm Claude Hathenbruck (1852-1928)

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Friedrich Wilhelm Claude Hathenbruck
F. W. C. Hathenbruck
Born: 30 Nov 1852 Middlesex, London, England
Died: 25 Apr 1928 Provo, Utah
Father: Frederick William Nicholas Charles, Emperor of Germany
Mother: Louisa Hudinburgh
Spouse: Rozilla Rebecca Saunsocie
Married: 8 Jun 1871 Provo, Utah
Children: Joanna Rebecca Hathenbruck
Frederick William Hathenbruck
Minnie Louisa Hathenbruck
Wilford Reed Hathenbruck
Madeline Hathenbruck
Willard Earl Hathenbruck
Junius Claude Hathenbruck
Bertram Hathenbruck
Rozilla Florence Hathenbruck
Luella Hathenbruck
Mary Hathenbruck
Susan Alice Hathenbruck

Friedrich Wilhelm Claude Hathenbruck was born November 30, 1852, Son of Friedrich III Hohenzollern - King of Prussia (1888).

His mother is Louisa Hudinburgh.

He married Rozilla Rebecca Saunsocie on 8 June 1871 Provo, Utah, Utah.

Their children are Joanna Rebecca, Frederick William, Minnie Louisa, Wilford Reed, Madeline, Willard Earl, Junius Claude, Bertram, Rozilla Florence, Luella, Mary and Susan Alice Hathenbruck.

Migrated to the United States from Germany. Joined The US Army as a Topographer and graduated from the Hiedelburg University, received honors in the field of geology and a degree in Medicine, was fluent in 5 languages including Ute. Lived one year with the Ute Indians and took care of Chief Tabby over an illness. Supplied the Indians with blankets and dry goods from his store in Provo Utah. Hathenbruck also worked for the Denver & Rio Grand Railroad where he served as a Topographer during the building of the railroad over Soldier Summit to Springville to Price. Later he lost his right arm in a mining accident. Because of this he reverted back to his medical background, and also opened a dry good store in territory of Provo, Utah.

During this time Hathenbruck gained a reputation as a gentle, kind and honest physician and business man who held no malice against minorities of mankind, whether they be black, yellow, or red and in fact constantly treated and traded with them even though many could not otherwise afford his services. This generous act on his part quickly gained for him his wide-spread reputation of "The Doctor". He was well- liked especially by the Ute Indians and through his constant dealings with them, both on and off the reservation, he gained a thorough knowledge of their customs and their language. Caleb Rhoades formed a Partnership with Mr. Hathenbruck in the Fall of 1894.

Frank died April 25, 1928 in Provo Utah. He is buried in the Provo Cemetery.


  • Name variations: Frank William Claud Hathenbruck
  • 1880 Federal Census, Provo, Utah, Utah
Hathenbrook, Wm., head, married, male, white, 27, ENG, Miner, ENG, ENG
, Rozilla, wife, married, female, white, 25, UT, Keeping House, IA, IL
, Johanna, daughter, single, female, white, 6, UT, At Home, ENG, UT
, Julius, son, single, male, white, 3, UT, At Home, ENG, UT
, Mary, daughter, single, female, white, 2, UT, At Home, ENG, UT
Saunsosee, Rebecca, Mother in Law, widow, female, white, 50, IL, At Home, TN, KY
  • Ancestral File:
Submission: AF83-003558
Microfilm: 1394019
Submission: AF83-045713
Microfilm: 1394203