Gordon Gix Planck (1891-1968)

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Gordon Gix Planck
Born: 29 Sep 1891 Harbor Springs, Michigan
Died: 16 Oct 1968 Long Valley, New Jersey
Father: Joseph Ludwig Planck
Mother: Alice M. Schreck
Siblings: Orle Ray Planck
Sybil Planck
Mabel May Planck
Casper Planck
Gordon Gix Planck
Hazel Planck
Wallace Wadsworth Planck
Spouse: Susan Irene Bixler
Married: 29 Feb 1912 Chicago, Illinois
Children: Chauncey Casper Planck
Robert Gordon Planck
Baby Girl Planck
Muriel May Planck

Gordon Planck was born in September29, 1891 in Harbor Springs, Michigan to Joseph Ludwig Planck and Alice M. Schreck.

His siblings are Orle Ray Planck, Sybil Planck, Mabel May Planck, Casper Planck, Hazel Planck and Wallace Wadsworth Planck


  • 1900 Federal Census, Little Traverse Twp., Emmet, Michigan
Planck, Joseph L.
, Gordon, son, white, male, Sept 1893, 6, single, MI, OH, Ind
by Jim Powers