Harry Hunn (1895-1895)

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Harry Hunn
Born: 15 Apr 1895 Corwith tp., Michigan
Died: 25 Apr 1895 Corwith Tp., Michigan
Father: Nelson G. Hunn
Mother: Nancy Ann Vaughn
Siblings: William Augustus Philips
Charles Edward Philips
Sarah Ellen Philips
Lucy B. Philips
Roxsina Hunn
Frederick Wesley Hunn
Pearl May Hunn
Harry Hunn
Hazel Maude Hunn

Harry Hunn was born 15 April 1895 in Vanderbilt, Otsego, Michigan.

His parents are Nelson G. Hunn and Nancy Ann Vaughn.

Harry died at ten days old, 25 April 1895 at Vanderbilt, Otsego, Michigan.


  • Birth: Otsego County, Michigan Birth Record, Vol A, Page 80:
  1. 26
Date of Birth: 15 Apr, 1895
Name: Harry Hunn
Sex: Male
Color: White
Birth Place: Corwith
Father: Nelson Hunn of Corwith, born in Michigan, Carpenter,
Mother: Nancy Hunn of Corwith, born in Ohio
  • Death: Otsego County, Michigan, Record of Deaths, vol 1, p. 30, #13:
Hunn, Harry
male, white, 10 days old
died: 5 April 1895
at: Corwith
born: Michigan
Father: Nelson Hunn, of Corwith, Michigan
Mother: Nancy Hunn, of Corwith, Michigan