Herma Lucretia Robison (1878-1951)

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Herma Lucretia Robison King
Robison, Herma Lucretia 1892.jpg
circa 1892
Born: 21 Jun 1878 Fillmore, Utah
Died: 24 Oct 1951 Los Angeles, California
Father: Franklin Alonzo Robison
Mother: Isabella Eleanor Marden Pratt
Siblings: Alonzo Franklin Robison
Parley Proctor Robison
Joseph Alfred Robison
Herma Lucretia Robison
Belinda Pratt Robison
Ruth Pratt Robison
Isabella Pratt Robison
Carrie Pratt Robison
Alma Pratt Robison
Harmel Pratt Robison
Parker Pratt Robison
Olea Pratt Robison
Half Siblings: Willis Nephi Robison
Lois Hattie Robison
Josephine Robison
Herbert Alonzo Robison
Ella Adelia Robison
Alverna Robison
Ancil Platte Robison
Addie Florence Robison
Archie Robison
Bernard Thorpe Robison
Nolan Frederick Robison
Lowell Robison
Homer Franklin Robison
Eldred Vickery Robison
Loran Culbert Robison
Lindon Wells Robison
Alda Leona Robison
Spouse: Robert Warren King
Married: 21 Oct 1900 Salt Lake City, Utah
Children: Mary Eloise King
Eleanor King
Lillis King
Robert Royal King
Margie Dean King
Marden Franklin King
Mildred King
Shirley Robison King
Rayma June King

Despain, Carrie Robison and Garner, Melba Despain. History & Genealogy of the Franklin Alonzo Robison Family, pp. 37, 38:

Herma Lucretia Robison, daughter of Franklin Alonzo Robison and Isabella E. M. Pratt, was born 21 June 1878 in Fillmore, Utah in the "Rock House". She as baptized in August 1886.

Being the oldest daughter in a large family, she grew up with much responsibility. Although she was only seven years older than I, she to me was always my big sister, and we loved and admired each other greatly. She had beautiful natural curls and was very pretty and extremely bright. She answered all of our questions and told us stories by the hour.

She was very studious, reading and studying all her spare time. She attended the Millard Stake Academy, a branch of the B.Y.U., then being held in the old courthouse in the City Park block across the street. I sometimes went to the Philosophical Society Programs with her. She attended the B.Y.U. in Provo for a year, boarding with Uncle Moroni Pratt's family.

She taught school in Hatton, boarding with Uncle Peter Robison's family. She later taught in Fillmore, Oak City and Mt. Carmel, Utah.

Herma Lucretia Robison, circa 1900

After Robert King returned from a church mission in the Southern States, he and Herma were married October 21, 1900, to Robert Warren King. They were sealed November 10, 1900. They lived in Salt Lake, where Bert was a streetcar conductor. For a short time she modeled clothes and jewelry there.

Then they settled in Fillmore, where most of their children were born. Bert practiced law in Fillmore, was the county attorney for some time. During these years they both taught school some in Cane County, Utah.

They bought a fruit farm in Kaysville, Davis Co., Utah. They all toiled so very hard on the farm under hard circumstances. They returned to Salt Lake about 1924 for advanced schooling for the children. They continued to run the farm, moving to Salt Lake for the winters, until the children were all grown. The girls, Eloise and Eleanor, became expert stonegraphers; later married and moved to California. The others each in turn developed their talents, being gifted in art, music, business and law. They all in time moved to Los Angeles, California.

After the children married, Herma spent some time doing genealogical and temple work. She and Bert finally went to California to be near their children. They both died and are buried there. She died October 24, 1951. Her son, Marden, a successful attorney in Los Angeles county, also died that same month and year from a heart ailment of many years standing.

Over the years Herma was always faithful to the church and worked in it as much as she could while raising her nine children. She was a very faithful mother. She as a model of unselfishness and love to all of those around her and to her family. In 1925 when I was so ill she left her family and come out and waited on me, serving me and mine night and day. That's the way she spent her life, in constant service to others.


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Submitted by: Marden R. King
Family of: Robert Warren King & Herma Lucretia Robison
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  • Birth variant: 21 Jun 1873 [King FGR]
  • 1880 Federal Census, Utah, Millard County, Fillmore City, Page #9#75, #84:
ROBISON, Franklin A.
, Herma L., white, female, 2, daughter, single, UT
  • Death: California Death Records, RootsWeb:
Birth Date: 06/21/1878
Mother: PRATT
Gender: F
Birth Place: UTAH
Death place: LOS ANGELES
Death Date: 10/24/1951
Age: 73 yrs