Jacob Mica Truman (1825-1881)

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Born: 30 Aug 1825, Niagara, New York
Father: John Franklin Truman
Married: 19 Apr 1849, Salt Lake City, Utah
Children: Martha Ann Truman
John Franklin Truman
Emma Maria Truman
Jacob Boyce Truman
George Almus Truman
William Thomas Truman
Lucius Truman
Lucy Elizabeth Truman
Albert Henry Truman
Mary Lois Truman
Lacina Almena Truman
Esther Priscilla Truman

Mormon Battalion

He had not reached his 21st birthday when on July 26th 1846, Captain James Allen of the United States Army arrived at Mount Pisgah, Iowa and presented to these homeless, driven and persecuted refugees a circular asking for 500 men to take part in the war with Mexico. He was among the first to volunteer. He was placed in Company C. He was with the Captain James Brown Company of 90 men and 14 officers, 104 men all told.

According to Daniel Tyler’s journal, Jacob Truman was among the soldiers who made the entire trip to San Diego and up to Sutter’s Fork on the Sacramento River and was there when gold was discovered. He obtained work from Captain John A. Sutter. Sutter was hiring men to build saw mills, flour mills and dig a mill race. He was one of the ones Samuel Brannan met on his return from meeting Brigham Young and took his advice to remain in California and work the winter there.