Jane Robison (1828-1898)

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Jane Robison Ackerly Pack
Pack, Jane Robison 3.jpgJane Pack
Born: 17 Feb 1828 New York
Died: 2 Mar 1898 Hatton, Utah
Father: William Henry Robison
Mother: Elizabeth Squires
Siblings: Margaret Robison
William Robison
Baby Boy Robison
Twin Baby Boy Robison
Jane Robison
James Henry Robison
Rosetta Robison
Julia Ann Robison
Clarinda Robison
Charles William Robison
Theodore Robison
Sarah Elizabeth Robison
Spouse: John Ackerly
Married: 17 Apr 1845
Children: Emily Elizabeth Ackerly
Spouse: Rufus Pack
Married: Dec 1846 Florence, Nebraska
Children: William Ennis Pack
Julia Phylotte Pack
Amanda Jane Pack
Candace Ann Pack
Rosetta Pack
Rufus Pack, Jr.
Lucinda Pack
Spouse: John Pack
Married: 20 Jul 1870 Bountiful, Utah

Jane Robison was born in New York to William Henry Robison and Elizabeth Squires February 17, 1828, the second daughter in their family.

On April 17, 1845 Jane married John Ackerly. John had had been married previously to Mary Elizabeth Moore who had died recently. He had a young daughter, Elsie Ann and needed help. So Jane became an instant mother. She was 17 and her husband was 33. John and Jane were members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and were living in Montrose, Iowa across the Mississippi river from the main body of the Saints in Nauvoo, Illinois.

When the Nauvoo Temple was completed, John and Jane participated in the sacred ordinances there on Tuesday, February 3, 1846 as part of the 4th company that went through the temple that day. The session started at 2 p.m. John is listed as Melchizedek Priesthood holder holding the office of a Seventy. That was the last week that the Nauvoo Temple was used to perform ordinances. The last ordinances were performed there on Sunday, February 8th. At that point the Saints were forced to abandon Nauvoo.

John and Jane moved west with the Saints across the muddy rolling plains of Iowa during the spring of 1846. They settled in Florence, Douglas county, Nebraska where a daughter was born to them on October 11, 1846. They named her Emily Elizabeth.

The winter of 1846 was brutal. Cholera swept through the communities huddled along the banks of the Missouri river. The Ackerly family was not immune to that disease. John became ill and died October 24, 1846, just less than two weeks after his daughter was born.

Jane was left a widow, with two daughters, a three year old and an infant. She was just eighteen years old herself. Thankfully, she soon had help. In December, 1846 Jane married Rufus Pack. They settled about 30 miles down stream from Winter Quarters at Bartlett, Mills county, Iowa.

Rufus and Jane stayed in Iowa and became affiliated with the Nephi Branch of the Reorganized LDS Church in Mills, Iowa. During that time they had seven children together: William Ennis, Julia Phylotte, Amanda Jane, Candace Ann, Rosetta, Rufus, Jr. and Lucinda.

Rufus was killed in a farming accident October 11, 1866 and again Jane was left alone to keep a home for her family. She was 38 by that time.

In 1870 John Pack, Rufus' brother went to Iowa. He persuaded Jane and her four youngest children to return with him to Utah. Jane married John Pack on July 20, 1870 in Bountiful, Davis county, Utah Territory. Jane was John's eighth wife. Jane and her children moved to John's home in Kamas with two of his other wives where they managed a dairy farm.

In 1876, Jane and her children moved down to Millard County west of the Sevier River in the northwest section. Jane and her children became the first settlers in Deseret Number Three. That area later became known as Bloomington, then Hinckley.

Jane and Rufus, Jr., age 14, took up some land one mile south of where the post office now stands. They built the first house in Hinckley. It was a one-room log cabin which stood until about 1989 when it was destroyed by fire. They hauled the logs 30 miles from Oak Creek Canyon and had them split at the saw mill. They made a roof out of willows and mud and used chalk and sand to fill in the cracks. While building the home they lived in a dugout. Jane and Rufus, Jr. harvested 800 Bushels of grain. The second family in Hinckley was Jane's daughter, Amanda Jane and her husband Erastus F. Pack, son of John Pack. These two families walked or rode in buggies the 3 miles to Deseret each Sunday to attend church. Another early settler in Hinckley was Hyrum Peter Robison, who had married another of Jane's daughters, Candace Ann Pack.

Jane lived 22 years after settling in Hinckley. She died March 2, 1898 in Hatton, Utah at the age of 70. She was buried March 5, 1898 in the Kanosh Cemetery in an unmarked grave.


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Thanks to Gus, whose Find a Grave biography provided much of the information included above, as well as Jane's picture!
  • 1st Marriage: Pope, Wendell L. Email <popewl @ cc . usu . edu> March 11, 2002:
Dear Cousin Steve,
I sent my information on Susan Robison to President Faust recently. He replied February 27: "as a result of another family historian's efforts, proof has now been found that my great-grandmother Elsie Ann Akerley (born 1842), was the daughter of John Akerley by his first wife, Mary Elizabeth Moore. After Mary's death, John Akerley married secondly to Mary Jane Robison on 17 Apr 1845. So I find I am no longer descended from the Robisons!"
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List 4 in the Male Department commencing at 2 P.M.
Sev[enty], John Ackerly, born Dec. 25, 1812
List 4 in the Female Department commencing at
Tuesday February 3d, 1846.
Jane Ackerley, born Feb. 17, 1828
  • 3rd Marriage: Skinner, Kathleen. Email <kpskin @ yahoo . com>:
EH#183396 John Pack Sr. sealed to Jane Robison Pack for time 20 June 1870 EH. Tell Steve. THANKS
  • Stout, Wayne. A History of Hinckley, Utah, 1858-1973, p. 8:
In 1876 the first settlers moved into that area. The name, Jane Pack, the widow of Rufus Pack (died in 1866) and her son, Rufus, age 14, these mighty pioneers were the first settlers of "Deseret Number Three", later named Bloomington. These Packs home-steaded some land near the future Morris store and built a home from mud and split logs. Mrs. Jane Pack and her six children thus became the first settlers of Number Three.
  • 1880 Federal Census, Deseret, Millard, Utah, Source: FHL Film 1255336, Page 493B:
Jane PACK Self F W W 50 NY Occ: Farmer Fa: NY Mo: NY
Rosetta PACK Dau F S W 21 IA Fa: --- Mo: ---
Rufus PACK Son M S W 15 IA Fa: --- Mo: NY