John McKinley (1788-1876)

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John McKinley
Born: 1788 Scotland

5 Feb 1876

Gilead, Branch, Michigan
Father: John McKinley
Mother: Elizabeth
Siblings: John McKinley
Spouse: Jeanette Bennie
Children: John McKinley, Jr.
Margaret McKinley

History of Branch County Michigan, p. 253:

John McKinley was a descendant of seven generations of John McKinley's, each of whom was an eldest son, and all of whom were blacksmiths. He came from Scotland in 1826, and lived at Amsterdam, Montgomery Co., N.Y., until he came here in 1833. He was accompanied by his own family and his wife's mother, brother, and sister, Margaret, James, and Christina Bennie. James Bennie went to work for Bishop Chase, and three years later settled on the farm in Bethel which is now occupied by his son-in-law, Judson Sweeting. Mr. McKinley lived on the farm he took up on section 8, till his death, which occurred Feb. 5, 1876. His wife died in 1878. Their children, John McKinley, Jr., and Mrs. Margaret Love, are living on the estate, the latter occupying the old homestead. Two children, born after the family came here, died some ten or fifteen years ago.


Date of death: 5-Feb-1876
Ledger Page: 92
Record Number: 160
Place of death: Gilead
County of Death: Branch
Sex: Male
Marital Status: Married
Age: 88 years
Cause of Death: OLD AGE
Birthplace: SCOTLAND
Occupation: FARMER
Father's Name: Mckinley, JOHN
Father's Residence: SCOTLAND
Mother's Residence: Date of record: 31-May-1877
  • Burial: BCGS. Cemetery Inscriptions and Records1831-1981, Vol. I, North Gilead Cemetery
Located on Gilead Lake Road in Section 6 of Gilead Township. Taken from Township clerk's records and tombstones on 7 Jul 1979. Tombstones recorded by Lucile and Colleen Batterson. p . 5:
Lot 70: McKinley, John d. 5 Feb 1876 88y Native of Scotland
  • Nicolo, Margaret LaDean Sutton Sweeting. Sweeting Family Records Binder:

Bennie, Janet McKinley, 1804-1877, North Gilead, wife/John McKinley