Karen Denise Lawson (1961-2005)

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Karen Denise Lawson
Born: 29 Nov 1961 Detroit, Michigan
Died: 5 Sep 2005 Ypsilanti, Michigan
Father: William James Lawson
Mother: Colleen Joyce Fisher
Siblings: Evelyn Joyce Lawson
Cheri Ann Lawson
Willa Marie Lawson
Arleen Carol Lawson
Perry William Lawson
Kathie Elaine Lawson
Mark James Lawson
Laurie Gwen Lawson
Karen Denise Lawson
Patricia Louise Lawson
Brian David Lawson
Ellen Clare Lawson
Aimee Colleen Lawson

Karen Denise Lawson was born 29 November 1961 in Detroit, Wayne, Michigan.

Her parents are William James Lawson and Colleen Joyce Fisher.

Her siblings are Evelyn Joyce Lawson, Cheri Ann Lawson, Willa Marie Lawson, Arleen Carol Lawson, Perry William Lawson, Kathie Elaine Lawson, Mark James Lawson, Laurie Gwen Lawson, Patricia Louise Lawson, Brian David Lawson, Ellen Clare Lawson and Aimee Colleen Lawson.

Karen died 5 September 2005 at Ypsilanti, Michigan.

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Karen Denise Lawson

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  • Higgins Myfamily website:
Sad news from Lawson Family
Ellen Lawson - Sep 5, 2005
Karen Denise Lawson passed away this morning, Sept. 5th from terminal cancer. Karen is the 9th child of Colleen Joyce Fisher-Lawson (Inez's daughter) and William James Lawson. She was 43 years old and had lived her life with autisim. We are grateful that she is free of the pain that the cancer caused her, but we are also at a loss without her. We have lost so much in a short time. We appreciate any prayer and good thoughts that you can send our way, especially for my mother.
  • Death: Social Security Death Index:
Lawson, Karen
Birth Date: 29 Nov 1961
Death Date: 5 Sep 2005
Social Security Number: 372-86-6959
State Where Number Was Issued: Michigan
Death Residence Zip Code: 48322
Localities: West Bloomfield, Oakland, Michigan