Kenneth Ruonavaara (1932-1987)

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Kenneth Ruonavaara
Born: 1 Jun 1932 of Houghton Co., Michigan
Died: May 1987 Michigan
Father: Nils Altric Ruonavaara
Mother: Ida Leaura M. Norum
Siblings: Altric Ruonavaara
Rosalie M. Ruonavaara
Ida Ruonavaara
Herman Ruonavaara
Laurice L. Ruonavaara
Nils Gordon Ruonavaara
Kenneth Ruonavaara
Barbara Ruonavaara
Thelma Ruonavaara
Spouse: Bonnie Elliott
Married: 14 Jun 1958 Emmet Co. Michigan


  • Marriage: Emmet County, Michigan, Vital Records Search, Marriages:
Ruonavaara, Kenneth & Elliott, Bonnie
Date of Marriage: 6/14/1958
Liber: 1958
Folio: 38