Kevin Joseph Hass (1970-2008)

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Kevin Joseph Hass
Born: 12 Mar 1970 Hawarden, Iowa
Died: 5 Feb 2008 Hawarden, Iowa
Father: Hass
Mother: Myrna Elizabeth Farley

Kevin Hass was the youngest of two sons. He grew up on the Hass family farm in rural Hawarden, Iowa. In 1977, he moved with his mother and brother to Beresford, South Dakota. He graduated with honors from Beresford High School in 1989.

Kevin spent seventeen years as a rock musician in the area of Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Kevin died in the presence of his father, daughter, and friends at the Hawarden Hospital in Hawarden, Iowa.

Kevin Hass' obituary reported that his ashes were to have been scattered at Hanna (located near Lead, South Dakota) and that a cenotaph was to have been erected in Kevin's memory at Grace Hill Cemetery near Hawarden, Iowa. However, Kevin's father changed his mind about the cenotaph; and, a portion of the ashes were buried at Grace Hill Cemetery. The remaining ashes were scattered at Hanna in the Black Hills of South Dakota.