Lillis Adelia Robison (1866-1931)

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Lillis Adelia Robison Frome
Born: 10 Apr 1866 Fillmore, Utah
Died: 27 Feb 1931 Salt Lake City, Utah
Father: Benjamin Hancock Robison
Mother: Lillis Alvira Andree
Siblings: Willis Eugene Robison
Baby Boy Robison
Benjamin Franklin Robison
William Henry Robison
Lauretta Alvira Robison
Edson Albert Robison
Lillis Adelia Robison
Martha Lorinda Robison
Baby Boy Robison
Spouse: Carl Fredrik Frome
Married: 28 Apr 1888 Delta, Millard, Utah
Children: Ruby Adoria Frome
Ida May Frome
Cora Frome
Lois Frome(1897-1985)


  • Name variant: Adelia Lillis [AF]
  • 1870 Federal Census, Fillmore, Millard, Utah
, Lillis A., 4, female, white, At School, Utah
  • 1880 Federal Census, Scipio, Millard, Utah
Robison, Lillis N.
, Lillis A., daughter, female, single, white, 14, UT, NY, PA
  • Death variant: 28 Feb 1931 [AF]
  • Ranney, Lucretia Lyman. American Ancestry of Joseph Robison and his wife Lucretia Hancock, p. 10.
  • Ancestral File