Lillith Eva Curd (1898-1953)

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Lillith Eva Curd House
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Born: 16 Oct 1898 Erie, Pennsylvania
Died: 6 Oct 1953 Lansing, Michigan
Father: Horace Noah Curd
Mother: Elizabeth Gould
Siblings: Violet I. Curd
Lillith Eva Curd
Horace Noah Curd
Gladys Elma Curd
Mabel Elizabeth Curd
Della Curd
Clifford Curd
Spouse: Raymond Leslie House
Married: 24 Jul 1919 Harbor Springs, Michigan or Detroit
Children: Ruth May House
Phyllis Marie House
Earl Leroy House
Alvin Duane House
Irene Marilyn House
David House
Daniel House

Lillith Eva Curd was born October 16, 1898 in Erie, Pennsylvania to Horace Noah Curd and Elizabeth Gould.

She married Raymond Leslie House on July 24, 1919 in Harbor Springs, Emmet, Michigan.

They had seven children: Ruth, Phyllis Marie, Earl Leroy, Alvin Duane, Irene Marilyn, David who died as an infant, Daniel also died as an infant.

She was a special favorite of Sarah Howse, her husband's stepmother who had actually raised him. Address at time of her death was 704 S Magnolia St., Lansing, Michigan.

Lily House

Lileth died on October 6, 1953 in Lansing, Ingham, Michigan. She is buried in the Chapel Hill Memorial Gardens in Lansing.


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, Lillith, daughter, white, female, 12, single, PA, Eng, Can
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