Lois Adams (1749-)

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Lois Adams
Born: 30 May 1749 Voluntown, Connecticut
Died: aft 1813
Father: James Adams
Mother: Elizabeth Rae
Siblings: Margaret Adams
William Adams
Lois Adams
John Adams
James Adams
Ellis Adams
Spouse: Jeremiah Schans
Married: abt 1767 Albany Co., New York
Children: Elizabeth Shance
Henry Shance
Catherine Shance
Christian Shants
Margarita Shants
Maria Shants
James Shants
Anna Shants
Andrew M. Shonts
John Shants
Catalyntje Shants
Susanna Shants
Stephen Van Rensselaer Shants


  • Name Variations:
Lou, Layeus, Louisa [Adams Packet]
  • Shibley, Hugh. Family Records:
Described as "a red-headed Yankee" in a letter by her grandson Henry Shibley.
See note for her daughter Susanna.
  • Hardman, Enone L., Research Papers:
Family Group Record of James Adams & Elizabeth Ray/Rae/Rey
Adams, Lois, d. James & Elizabeth, b. May 30, 1749 Vol. 1, p. 37
  • Baptism: Van Husen, Allie M. Adams Packet, p. 7:
extracted from NY Church Records
Lois Adams bpt. on confession of faith 6/6/1767, Dutch Reformed, Kinderhook.