Lucy Sheldon (1742-1810)

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Lucy Sheldon Bascom
Bascom, Lucy Sheldon hs.jpg
Central Cemetery
Born: 16 May 1742 West Springfiled, Massachusetts
Died: 15 Mar 1810 Southampton, Massachusetts
Father: Israel Sheldon
Mother: Naomi Warner
Siblings: Lucy Sheldon
Naomi Sheldon
Eglah Sheldon
Paul Sheldon
Israel Sheldon
Spouse: Elisha Bascom
Married: 6 May 1762 Southampton, Massachusetts
Children: Irene Bascom
King Bascom
Elisha Bascom
Lucy Bascom
Asenath Bascom
Naomi Bascom

Lucy Sheldon was born May 16, 1742, in West Springfield, Hampden county, Massachusetts, oldest child of Israel Sheldon and Naomi Warner. When she was a young girl, her parents moved to Northampton, Hampshire county, Massachusetts where some of her brothers and sisters were born, including Naomi, Eglah and Paul. About 1748, when Lucy was six, the Sheldon family moved to Southampton, where her brother Silas was born.

Lucy grew up in Southampton, Hampshire county, Massachusetts. It was there that she met Elisha Bascom. They published their intentions to marry in the local communities on April 10, 1762. Lucy was about 19. Lucy and Elisha were married May 6, 1762 in Southampton, Massachusetts.

Together, Lucy and Elisha made their home in Southampton. Lucy bore all her children in Southampton. They are: Irene, King, Elisha, Lucy, Asenath and Naomi Bascom. It is possible that they might have had another child in 1767, but no record of that child has been found.

By the time Lucy's children were all born, tension between the Colonies and England had escalated. Elisha was drawn into the effort to gain independence for the colonies. He enlisted as a Lieutenant of volunteers at Southampton. His service culminated with his death due to illness September 18, 1776 at Fort Ticonderoga.

Lucy was left a widow with six children. She was 34. She raised her children by herself. All six of them grew up to start families of their own.

On August 1, 17780 Lucy was named administrator of her husband's estate. She settled all of her husband's financial affairs.

Lucy saw each of her children marry and begin to build families of their own. She lived into the 19th century. She died March 15, 1810 in Southampton. She is buried in Central Cemetery, Southampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts.


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Name: Elisha Bascom
Event Type: Marriage
Event Date: 10 Apr 1762
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Gender: Male
Spouse's Name: Lucy Shelden
Spouse's Gender: Female
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Age at death: 67
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