Margaret Ann Boyce (1840-1901)

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Margaret Ann Boyes
Born: 12 Apr 1840 Bedford, Wayne, Michigan
Died: 1 Oct 1901 Holladay, Utah
Father: George Boyes
Mother: Ann Geldard
Siblings: William Boyce
Thomas Boyce
Mary Ann Boyce
Elizabeth Boyes
Henry Boyce
Margaret Ann Boyce
Married: 28 Feb 1857
Children: Isadore Andrus
Hyrum Andrus
Mansfield Andrus
Brigham Boyes Andrus
Horace Andrus
Milo Boyes Andrus
Joseph Boyce Andrus
Benjamin Boyce Andrus
Evaline Charlotte Andrus

Our Pioneer Heritage, Vol. 14, pp. 254-255:

Margaret Ann Boyce was born April 12, 1840, in Bedford, Wayne Co., Michigan, the daughter of George Boyes, pioneer of 1847. The Boyce family had accepted the message of the Mormon missionaries and made preparations to join the Saints in far-off Utah. From the history of Pioneer Boyce, "Before this time his wife had passed away, but he brought his four children to Utah in Parley P. Pratt's Company: Elizabeth, William, Margaret, and Henry. The family lived in the Fort for two years, after which Mr. Boyce purchased 30 acres of land in Cottonwood where they made a permanent home. The children were raised by Elizabeth Taylor Arrowsmith who had married Mr. Boyce in July 1847."

Both the Boyce and Andrus families had located in the same area. On February 28, 1857, Milo Andrus and Margaret Boyce were married. She accompanied her husband when he [p.255] was called to settle in Southern Utah, living at that time in Price Ward. The following is a quote from Maud Kelley, a granddaughter: "Price Ward in Washington County, Utah, was settled in 1858 and was first called Heberville in honor of President Heber C. Kimball. Its members lived in two small villages, Price and Bloomington, situated on opposite banks of the Rio Virgin River in Bloomington. Margaret Boyce Andrus lived here when the United Order was set up in 1877, with Milo Andrus in charge of the settlement. On January 18, 1879, the Price Ward was organized with Robert Gardner as bishop, and Margaret Boyce Andrus, ninth wife of Milo Andrus, was set apart as the first president of the Relief Society."

Milo and Margaret Ann had nine children: Isadore, Hyrum, Mansfield, Brigham, Horace, Milo, Joseph and Benjamin, twins; and Evaline Charlotte. Margaret was gentle, kind and peace loving, and was active in nursing and caring for the sick. After leaving Dixie, she went to Oxford, Idaho, with her husband where their boys farmed the land they had acquired.

Margaret died October 1, 1901, at the home of Milo Jr., and Elizabeth Andrus in Holladay, Utah and was buried in the Holladay cemetery.