Maria E. Amos (1854-1900)

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Maria E. Amos
Born: Aug 1854 of Orleans Co., New York
Died: 26 Dec 1900 Carlton, New York
Father: John A. Amos
Mother: Ann Maria Sloper
Siblings: Maria E. Amos
John Henry Amos
Sarah Amos
Henry E. Amos
Benjamin T. Amos
Anna Amos
Miss Amos
Spouse: Addison Adelbert Kelsey
Married: 18 Oct 1877 of Orleans Co., New York
Children: Allie T. Kelsey
Leland Earl Kelsey
Hazel Ruth Kelsey
Velma A. Kelsey


Name: Kelsey, Maria E.
Birth: Aug 1854
Death: Dec 26, 1900
At: Carlton, NY
Comment: “Mother” Wife of Addison Adelbert Kelsey, daughter of John Amos and Ann Maria
Lot Number: 1246 LARCH