Marinus Clicquennoi DeVoist (deVuijst) (1819-1899)

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Marinus Clicquennoi DeVoist (deVuijst)
Born: 1819 Schoondijke, Netherlands
Died: 1899 Coopersville, Michigan
Siblings: Marinus Clicquennoi DeVoist (deVuijst)
Spouse: Petronella Fass
Married: bef 1849
Children: Penelope S. DeVoist
Peter DeVoist
Adrian DeVoist
Dinah DeVoist

Marinus Clicquennoi DeVoist (deVuijst) was born in 1819 in Schoondijke, Netherlands.

He married Petronella Fass before 1849.

Their children are Penelope S. DeVoist, Peter DeVoist, Adrian DeVoist and Dinah DeVoist].

In 1880 He lived with his family in Polkton, Ottawa, Michigan.

He died in 1899 at Coopersville, Ottawa, Michigan and is buried at the Cooperville Polkton Cemetery there.


  • 1880 Federal Census, Polkton, Ottawa, Michigan:
DaVoist, Myron, self, married, male, white, 61, Holland, Farmer, Holland, Holland
, Nellie, wife, married, female, white, 63, Holland, Keeping House, Holland, Holland
, Adrian, son, single, male, white, 20, New York, Clerk In D. G. Store, Holland, Holland
, Diana, daughter, single, female, white, 16, New York, Servant, Holland, Holland
DeVoist, Marinus & Petronella (Fass)
(July 5, 1819-Mar. 9, 1899) & (Feb. 2, 1817- Feb. 4, 1890)
Subject: Thomas Hines moved to Michigan; married Dinah Devoist/deVuijst from Netherlands
Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2001
Thomas Hines moved to Michigan...Coopersville, Ottawa County. He married Dinah DeVoist (de Vuijst) who was the daughter of Marius DeVuist and Petronelli Faas from the Netherlands.


Subject: [MIOTTAWA-L] HINES/DeVuist(DeVoist)
Date: Fri, 12 May 2000
Mary, Petronella and Marinus Clicquennoi DeVoist (deVuijst) are in the Cooperville Cemetery. Petronella (Pieterella Fass) was born in St. Kruis, Netherlands in 1817. Marinus was born in Schoondijke, Netherlands in 1819. Marinus' brother(?), Leenderd de Vuijst, was born 1845 in Oostburg, Netherlands. Marinus and Petronella's daughter Dinah DeVoist married Thomas HINES in Coopersville. Thomas was born 1858 in Beaver Meadow, Carbon County, PA to Michael HINES and Kathryne PADDEN (from Ireland?).
Does anyone have siblings of Thomas or grandparents? Or Dinah's grand parents?
Claudia Day, Grand Rapids, Michigan