Marvin Wilbur Peterson (1892-1970)

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Marvin Wilbur Peterson
Fillmore Cemetery
Born: 8 Oct 1892 Fillmore, Utah
Died: 14 Oct 1970 Fillmore, Utah
Father: Ova Peterson
Mother: Cordelia Amelia Warner
Siblings: Gertrude Amelia Peterson
Loneva Peterson
Ova Leon Peterson
Mary Amanda Peterson
Dorus Ernest Peterson
Edna Christina Peterson
Evelyn Peterson
Delilah Adel Peterson
Vernell Peterson
Marvin Wilbur Peterson
Alberta Peterson
Spencer Wells Peterson
Thelma Neoma Peterson
Spouse: Mary Lynn Cooper
Married: 29 Dec 1915 Fillmore, Utah
Children: Lloyd Marvin Peterson
Hope Peterson
Mary Peterson
Merle Peterson
Carol Peterson
Rodney Ross Peterson


  • Birth: From death record.
  • Birth variant: 5 Oct 1892
  • Marriage: The Progress, Vol. 24, No. 52, Fillmore, Millard County, Utah, Friday, 24 Dec 1915, p. 8, FILLMORE LOCALS:
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cooper announce the wedding of their daughter Lynn to Mr. Marvin Peterson on December 29th, 1915.
  • Death, Burial: Fillmore City Corporation. Cemetery Single Line List, by Deceased Name, 22 Apr 1990, p. 37:
BLK 179, Lot 1, Grave 2
b. 10-08-1892
d. 8-14-1970
  • Death place variant: Salt Lake City [AF]
  • Source: Interview with Ross Peterson, 16 Jan 1998.
  • Source: Ancestral File
  • Source: LDS Family Group Record Collection [Patron Section]
Submitted by: LeGrand George
Family of: Marvin Wilburn Peterson & Mary Lynn Cooper