Mary Robison (1839-1840)

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Mary Robison
Robison, Mary.jpg
Born: 13 Apr 1839 Schroeple, New York
Died: 6 Jul 1840 Oswego, New York
Father: Joseph Robison
Mother: Lucretia Hancock
Siblings: Alfred Robison
Benjamin Hancock Robison
Joseph Vickery Robison
Alvin Locke Robison
Emily Robison
William Henry Robison
Mary Robison
Lucretia Proctor Robison
Proctor Hancock Robison
Almon Robison
Albert Robison
Adelia Robison
Franklin Alonzo Robison


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  • Birth variant: Mar 1829 [Builders, p. 598]
  • Inscription:
daughter of
J. & L. Robison
July 6 1840
AE 1 yr & 3 mo