Myrna Elizabeth Farley (1942-1998)

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Myrna Elizabeth Farley
Born: 18 Jun 1942
Died: 4 Apr 1998 Beresford, South Dakota
Father: Francis William Farley
Mother: Mary Catherine Lass
Siblings: Ronald F. Farley
Dale Joseph Farley
Eileen Farley
Gerald Lawrence Farley
Franklin Farley
Kathleen Farley
Mary Coleen Farley
Myrna Elizabeth Farley
Spouse: Myron L. Hass
Children: Brian M. Hass
Kevin Joseph Hass

Myrna Elizabeth Farley was the youngest of eight children born to Francis and Mary (Lass) Farley. She was raised on her parents' farm southeast of Beresford, South Dakota. Myrna graduated from Beresford High School in 1961. For a brief period after high school, she lived and worked in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. During the time of her marriage, Myrna lived in northwest Iowa. In 1977, she and her two sons moved to her home town of Beresford, SD, where she resided during the last two decades of her life.

Myrna worked as a bookkeeper. During the late 1970's and early 1980's, Myrna managed the VFW/Legion Lounge in Beresford, SD. Later, she worked as a crop adjuster for Federal Crop Insurance. Myrna was a caregiver for her mother during the last five years of her mother's life. During the 1990's, she worked at Riverside Station. Shortly before her illness, Myrna performed various tasks to help elderly shut-ins.

After fighting a long battle with colon-rectal cancer, Myrna died at her home in Beresford, SD in the presence of her oldest son and a family friend. At Myrna's request, no church funeral or religious services were held. In the presence of her two sons and a small group of friends, Myrna was buried on the morning of April 6, 1998 at St. Joseph Cemetery at Emmet, South Dakota.


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