Nancy Ann Vaughn (1858-1924)

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Nancy Ann Vaughn Philips Hunn Bashaw
Bashaw, Nancy Philips.jpg
Born: Nov 1858 Bunker Hill in Ashtabula, Ohio
Died: 9 Jan 1924 East Jordan, Michigan
Father: Daniel Vaughn
Mother: Sylvia Green
Siblings: Charles Vaughn
Daniel J. Vaughn
Nancy Ann Vaughn
Rosetta M. Vaughn
Spouse: (1) Lloyd D. Philips
Married: 3 Aug 1873 Grant, Michigan
Children: William Augustus Philips
Charles Edward Philips
Sarah Ellen Philips
Lucy B. Philips
Spouse: (2) Nelson G. Hunn
Married: 14 Jan 1882 Sebewaing, Michigan
Children: Carrie M. Hunn
Roxsina Hunn
Frederick Wesley Hunn
Pearl May Hunn
Harry Hunn
Hazel Maude Hunn
Spouse: (3) Edward N. Bashaw
Married: 16 Jul 1914 Pellston, Michigan

Nancy Ann Vaughn was born in November of 1858 in Bunker Hill, Ashtabula, Ohio. The Bunker Hill in Ashtabula is a road near the city of Ashtabula as far as I can see. When she was about one during the 1860 Census they lived across the state line in Elk Twp., Erie, Pennsylvania.

Her parents are Daniel Vaughn and Sylvia Green.

Her brothers and sister are: Charles, Daniel J. and Rosetta M. Vaughn.

In 1870 she lived in Grant Twp., Huron, Michigan.

Nancy married Lloyd D. Philips on August 3, 1873 in Grant, Huron, Michigan.

Their children are: William Augustus, Charles Edward, Sarah Ellen and Lucy B. Philips.

In 1880 They lived in Unionville, Columbia Twp., Tuscola, Michigan.

Lloyd died of an accidental gunshot wound on May 14, 1881 in Unionville, Michigan. Later she lost her two boys William and Charles in a house fire.

Nancy married Nelson G. Hunn January 14, 1882 in Sebewaing, Huron, Michigan.

Their children are: Carrie M., Roxsina, Frederick Wesley, Pearl May, Harry and Hazel Maude Hunn.

Nancy was a midwife all over Michigan.

In the 1900 Census they lived in Star Twp., Antrim, Michigan.

Nelson G. Hunn died in July 21,1908 in Traverse City, Grand Traverse, Michigan. He is buried in Vanderbilt, Otsego, Michigan.

1910 Federal Census says Hunn, Nancy - 13 children, 6 living - so we have some missing children here.

She married third, Edward N. Bashaw on July 16, 1914 at Pellston, Emmet, Michigan.

They are on the 1920 Census in East Jordan, Charlevoix, Michigan.

Nancy died January 9, 1924 in East Jordan, Charlevoix, Michigan. She is buried next to Edward Bashaw in Sunset Hills Cemetery, East Jordan, Michigan in an unmarked grave.

Nancy had a rough life to be sure, but she kept going.


  • Birth: From 1900 Census information: b. Nov 1858 in Ohio.
  • 1860 Federal Census, Elk Creek, Erie, Pennsylvania
Von, Daniel
, Nancy, 1, female, white, at home, Ohio
  • 1870 Federal Census, Grant Tp., Huron, Michigan
Vaughn, Daniel,
, Nancy, 11, female, white, at home, Ohio
  • Marriage: Huron County, Michigan Record of Marriages, vol 1, p. 28, #410:
Phillips, Lloyd, white, of Tuscola Co., 23, Farmer, Birthplace: Can not tell
Vaughn, Nancy Ann, white, of Grant, 16 Birthplace: Columbus, Ohio
Married: 3 August 1873, at Grant
By: Benjamin F. Parker, JP
Amanda Brackenburg, Grant
Lydia Parker, Grant
Date of Record: 28 August 1873
  • 1880 Federal Census, Columbia twp. (Unionville), Tuscola Co., Michigan
Philips, Loyd D.
, Nancy A., white, female, 20, wife, keeping house, can't read/write, Ohio , NY, NY/NJ
  • 2nd Marriage: Huron County, Michigan, Record of Marriages, vol 1, p. 99, #1444:
Hunn, Nelson G., white, of Sebewaing, 23, Stave Joiner, Birth place: --unrsmin Michigan
Philips, Nancy N., white, of Sebewaing, 22, Birth place: Bunker Hill, Ohio
Married: 14 January 1882, at Sebewaing
By: Jacob Spries, JP
Morris B. Gates, Sebewaing
Emeline Gates, Sebewaing (nee Hunn)
Date of record: 19 January 1882
  • 1900 Federal Census, Star Twp., Antrim, Michigan
Hunn, Nelson G.
, Nancy, wife, white, female, b. Nov 1858, age 41, married 17 yrs, 13 children, 6 living, Ohio, Ohio, NY
  • 1910 Federal Census, McKinley Twp., Emmet, Michigan, 3 May 1910, 224/224:
Hunn, Nancy, head, female, white, 50, Widowed, 13 children, 6 living, Ohio, Ohio, NY
, Fred W., son, male, white, 20, single, Michigan, Michigan, Ohio, Laborer, Handle Mill
, Pearl M., daughter, female, white, 18, married once, 1 yr, 0 children, 0 living, Michigan, Michigan, Ohio
, Hazel M., daughter, female, white, 12, single, Michigan, Michigan, Ohio
  • 3rd Marriage: Emmet County, Michigan, Vital Records Search, Marriages:
BASHAW, Edward & HUNT, Nancy
Liber: 4
Folio: 17
  • Marriage: Michigan, Marriages, 1868-1925
groom's name: Edward Bashaw
grroms race: white
groom's age: 33 years
groom's birth date: 1881
groom's birthplace: Nowood, N. Y.
gromm's residence: East Jordan Mich
groom's occupation: Com. Labor.
groom's times previously married: none
bride's name: Nancy Hunt
bride's race: white
bride's age: 40 years
bride's birth date: 1874
bride's residence: Pellston Mich.
bride's occupation: Housewife
bride's birthplace: Ashtabula, Ohio
marriage date: 16 Jul 1914
marriage place: Pellston, Emmet, Michigan
groom's father: James
groom's mother: Mariett Hill
bride's father: Donald Vaughn
bride's mother: Sylvia
bride's times previously married: Three
Married by: L. B. Carpenter, Clergyman
Mrs. Elmer Fought, Pellston Mich
Mrs. Robrt Denni, Pellston Mich
film number: 2342705
digital folder number: 4209253
image number: 221
reference number: v 2 p 149 rn 81
  • 1920 Federal Census, East Jordan, Charlevoix, Michigan, 12 Jan 1920, Elizabeth St., 91/91:
Bashaw, Edward, head, male, white, 38, married, NY, NY, NY, common laborer
, Nancy, wife, female, white, 56, married, Ohio, NY, NY
  • Death: Charlevoix County Michigan Death Record, Liber 2 Page 120 Record #1
Bashaw, Nancy A.
Date of Death: January 9, 1924
Gender: Female
Race: White
Birth Place: Ohio
Place of Death: East Jordan, Michigan
Father's name: David Vaughan
Mothers name: Not Given
Place of Burial: Not given
Date of Record: April 26, 1924
Date of Birth: Not Given
Age: 65 years 1 month and 13 days
Marital Status: Married
Occupation: House Wife
Cause of Death: Apoplexy
Fathers Birth Place: New York
Mothers Birth Place: Not Given
  • Personal knowledge of Myrtle Sina Howse Ward:
Grandma Nancy Vaughn was living in Harbor Springs in 1914, that's where she met Edward Bashaw.
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