Nellie E. Hinckley (1870-1962)

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Nellie E. Hinckley Robison
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Nellie Hinckley
Born: 31 Oct 1870 Cove Fort, Utah
Died: 12 Mar 1962 Logandale, Nevada
Father: Ira Nathaniel Hinckley
Mother: Adelaide Cameron Noble
Siblings: Martha Adelaide Hinckley
Minerva Angeline Hinckley
Lois Electa Hinckley
Luna Adell Hinckley
Lucian Noble Hinckley
Frank Noble Hinckley
Edwin Smith Hinckley
Nellie E. Hinckley
Samuel Ernest Hinckley
Irene Claire Noble Hinckley
Sarah Emily Hinckley
Spouse: Joseph Hancock Robison
Married: 17 Dec 1890 Manti, Utah
Children: Joseph Benjamin Robison
Ira Lucian Robison
Lois Robison
Juanita Robison
David Nephi Robison
Dell Hinckley Robison
Rose Robison
Josephine Robison

A Story

By Granddaughter, Wandanell Walsh Hopkins

When she was about five years old, there was some unrest with the Indians in the area. Whatever the cause, everyone in the area was at Cove Fort, because they thought that an attack was imminent.

Everyone that is, but little Nellie.

Everyone was frantically searching for her when they saw a group of peaceful looking Indians coming toward the fort. My grandma was being carried by the local chief in his arms.

It turned out that she had walked with her crutch, down to the Indian camp to play with the children there and had been singing songs to the chief. It had softened his heart, and he no longer wanted to make trouble with the settlers.


  • Birth variant: 21 Oct 1870 [Walsh FGR]
  • 1880 Federal Census, Fillmore, Millard, Utah, Page 464B:
Nellie, Daughter, Female, Single, W, 9, UT, CAN, MI
ID Number: 210280
Groom: Joseph H. Robison
Bride: Nellie E. Hinckley
Married: 17 Dec 1890, Manti
County of Record: Millard, Utah
Volume/Page: v. 1, p. 185
  • FamilySearch IGI, record of a deceased member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints:
Born: 31 Oct 1870 Cove Fort, Millard, Utah
Died: 12 Mar 1962
Father: Ira Nathaniel Hinckley
Mother: Adelaide C. Noble
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Submitted by: Charles Harvey Walsh
Family of: Joseph Hancock Robison & Nellie Hinckley
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