Otto L. Bahle (1891-1964)

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Otto L. Bahle
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Newport News Naval Station 1917
Born: 26 Aug 1891 Suttons Bay, Michigan
Died: 28 Dec 1964 of Suttons Bay, Michigan
Father: Lars Esten Bahle
Mother: Olene Engebritson
Siblings: Maret Bahle
Jennie Bahle
Esten Larsen Bahle
Emma Bahle
Martin L. Bahle
John Lewis Bahle
Otto L. Bahle
Nellie Bahle
Thomas L. Bahle
Belle Bahle
Louis Bahle
Spouse: Lena Bergitta Sogge
Married: 19 Aug 1919 Suttons Bay, Michigan
Children: Owen L. Bahle
Jo Ellen Bayle


  • 1900 Federal Census, Suttons Bay, Leelanau, Michigan
Bahle, Lorkis E.
, Otto, son, male, white, b. Aug 1891, single, MI, Norway, Norway
  • Marriage: Michigan Marriages, 1868-1925
Groom's Name: Otto L. Bahle
Groom's Age: 28 years
Groom's Birth Date: 1891
Groom's Birthplace: Michigan
Bride's Name: Lena Bertha Sogge
Bride's Age: 28 years
Bride's Birth Date: 1891
Bride's Birthplace: Michigan
Marriage Date: 19 Aug 1919
Marriage Place: Suttons Bay, Leelanau, Michigan
Groom's Father: L. E. Bahle
Groom's Mother: Olina Englebrightson
Bride's Father: L. R. Sogge
Bride's Mother: Bertha Holstad
Film Number: 2342732
Digital Folder Number: 4210039
Image Number: 42
Reference Number: v 4 p 267 rn 1521
  • 1920 Federal Census, Leelanau Co., Michigan
Bahle, Otto L., head, white, male, married, 28, MI
, Lena B., wife, white, female, married, 28, MI
  • 1930 Federal Census, Suttons Bay, Leelanau, Michigan
Bahle, Otto L., head, white, male, married, 38, MI, Norway, Norway
, Lecia B., wife, white, female, married, 39, MI, Norway, Norway
, Orren L., son, white, male, single, 9, MI, MI, MI
, John L., brother, white, male, single, 40, MI, Norway, Norway
Sogge, Elinor, sister-in-law, white, female, single, 17, MI, Norway, Norway
Bahle, Otto
Birth Date: 26 Aug 1891
Death Date: Dec 1964
Social Security Number: 380-32-4586
State Where Number Was Issued: Michigan
Death Residence Zip Code: 49682
Suttons Bay, Leelanau, Michigan
Suttons Bay Lutheran Cemetery:
Otto L Bahle
August 26, 1891 - December 28, 1964
Michigan AS USNRF World War I
Notes: Husband of Lena Bahle
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