Paulina Ashby (1881-1881)

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Paulina Ashby
Born: 2 Jul 1881 St. George, Utah
Died: 2 Jul 1881 St. George, Utah
Father: Nathaniel Ashby
Mother: Mary Virginia Garr
Siblings: Mary Virginia Ashby
Nathaniel Ashby
Benjamin Franklin Ashby
George William Ashby
Louise Adaline Ashby
Briant Hammond Ashby
Charlotta Maria Ashby
Robert Turner Ashby
Zina Ashby
Paulina Ashby


  • Ashby, Robert L. Ashby Ancestry, page 30:
Children of Nathaniel ASHBY and his wife,
Mary Virginia (Garr) ASHBY
Paulina, Born July 2, 1881, died same day