Rula Robison (1916-2005)

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Rula Robison Doty Nay Peterson Hillman
Pioneer Hill Cemetery
Born: 21 Mar 1916 Overton, Nevada
Died: 15 May 2005 Overton, Nevada
Father: Joseph Benjamin Robison
Mother: Mildred Elizabeth Andersen
Siblings: Ione Robison
Rula Robison
Arthur Ray Robison
Maurine Robison
Lenore Robison
Ruth Robison
Shirley Robison
Spouse: (1) Harold Oliver Doty
Married: 26 Dec 1933 Overton, Nevada
Children: Harold Ray Doty
Diann Doty
Tania Doty
Faustina Doty
Spouse: (2) Herbert Allen Nay
Married: 18 May 1951 Kingman, Arizona
Children: Melinda Nay
Spouse: (3) E. Walter Peterson
Married: 29 May 1968 Winnemucca, Nevada
Spouse: (4) Bub Hillman


Birth Date: 21 Mar 1916
Death Date: 15 May 2005
Social Security Number: 530-22-6153
State Number Was Issued: Nevada
Death Residence Zip Code: 89040
Echo Bay, Clark, Nevada
Overton, Clark, Nevada
Overton Beach, Clark, Nevada
Stewarts Point, Clark, Nevada
Valley Of Fire, Clark, Nevada
  • LDS Family Group Record Collection [Patron Section]
Submitted by: Mildred Andersen Robison
Family of: Joseph Benjamin Robison & Mildred E. Andersen
  • LDS Family Group Record Collection [Patron Section]
Submitted by: Mrs. Tania Doty Gubler
Family of: Harold Oliver Doty & Rula Robison
  • The Salt Lake Tribune, Monday, 27 Jan 2003, Obituary: Wittwer, Lenore Robison
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