Ruth Pratt Robison (1882-1962)

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Ruth Pratt Robison Peterson
Robison, Ruth Pratt.jpg
Ruth Robison, circa 1900
Born: 23 Jan 1882 Fillmore, Utah
Died: 21 Jul 1962 San Mateo, California
Father: Franklin Alonzo Robison
Mother: Isabella Eleanor Marden Pratt
Siblings: Alonzo Franklin Robison
Parley Proctor Robison
Joseph Alfred Robison
Herma Lucretia Robison
Belinda Pratt Robison
Ruth Pratt Robison
Isabella Pratt Robison
Carrie Pratt Robison
Alma Pratt Robison
Harmel Pratt Robison
Parker Pratt Robison
Olea Pratt Robison
Half Siblings: Willis Nephi Robison
Lois Hattie Robison
Josephine Robison
Herbert Alonzo Robison
Ella Adelia Robison
Alverna Robison
Ancil Platte Robison
Addie Florence Robison
Archie Robison
Bernard Thorpe Robison
Nolan Frederick Robison
Lowell Robison
Homer Franklin Robison
Eldred Vickery Robison
Loran Culbert Robison
Lindon Wells Robison
Alda Leona Robison
Spouse: Ova Leon Peterson
Married: 22 Oct 1903 Salt Lake City, Utah
Children: Victor Leon Peterson
Evan Robison Peterson
Eugene Jerome Peterson
Wendell Peterson
Leona Ruth Peterson
Parley Peterson
Elwin Peterson

Ruth Pratt Robison Peterson was the daughter of Franklin Alonzo and Isabella E. Pratt Robison, born January 23, 1882 in Fillmore, Millard co., Utah. She, too, was born of very goodly parents who taught her all the ways of righteousness and truth. She was baptized August 7, 1890 up in the mill race by the lower mill. thus becoming a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She was very faithful and devoted to the gospel.

She was married to Ova Leon Peterson, son of Ova Peterson and Amelia Warner, October 23, 1903. From this union she became the mother of six sons and one daughter.

She was one of a dozen children whose voices rang through the old rock house. Our mother had five girls in a row and Ruth happened to be the middle one. She had big expressive brown eyes and dark curly hair -- a circle of curls all around her head. She was very attractive and pretty -- in fact, a real beauty. She was religious, being gentle, kind and of high standards. She loved children.

Ruth took few music lessons and learned to play very well. She had a very sweet voice and sang some in public. She was a memvoer of Brother Beeston's choir in the Fillmore Ward and also a member of the Salt Lake Tabernacle Choir.

In life she was painstaking and did things well. She was literary in her nature and loved good books.

On October 22, 1903, Ruth married Ova Leon Peterson in the temple at Salt Lake City, Utah. Together they raised a family of seven children. Leon and Ruth began their married life in Salt Lake county, where their first two children were born. They moved to Idaho for a time, then settled in Fillmore, Utah for a decade or so. Eventually they moved to the San Francisco area and were finally separated by divorce. As the children married Ruth was left alone. She acquired an apartment house where she lived until she suffered a paralytic stroke. After leaving the hospital, she lived with her son, Parley. He built her a room where they could more easily care for her.

Ruth died at Menlo Park, California, July 21, 1962. At this time, we do not know where she was buried.


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Birth Date: 01/23/1882
Mother: PRATT
Gender: F
Birth Place: UTAH
Death place: SAN MATEO
Death Date: 07/21/1962
Age: 80 yrs