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|label3 = Father: |data3 =  [[Uriah Upjohn (1808-1896)|Uriah Upjohn]]
|label3 = Father: |data3 =  [[Uriah Upjohn (1808-1896)|Uriah Upjohn]]
|label4 = Mother: |data4 =  [[Maria Mills (1822-1882)|Maria Mills]]
|label4 = Mother: |data4 =  [[Maria Mills (1822-1882)|Maria Mills]]
|label5 = Siblings: |data5 =  [[Sarah Upjohn (1850-1908)|Sarah Upjohn]]
|label5 = Siblings: |data5 =  [[Helen Maria Upjohn (1839-1901)|Helen Maria Upjohn]]<br>[[Mary Northcote Upjohn (1840-1936)|Mary Northcote Upjohn]]<br>[[Alice Upjohn (1841-1920)|Alice Upjohn]]<br>[[Henry Uriah Upjohn (1843-1887)|Henry Uriah Upjohn]]<br>[[Virginia Upjohn (1845-1870)|Virginia Upjohn]]<br>[[Amelia Upjohn (1848-1876)|Amelia Upjohn]]<br>[[Sarah Upjohn (1850-1908)|Sarah Upjohn]]<br>[[Ida Upjohn (1851-1876)|Ida Upjohn]]<br>[[William Erastus Upjohn (1853-1932)|William Erastus Upjohn]]<br>[[Lawrence Upjohn (1855-1856)|Lawrence Upjohn]]<br>[[Frederick Lawrence Upjohn (1857-1917)|Frederick Lawrence Upjohn]]<br>[[James Townley Upjohn (1858-1936)|James Townley Upjohn]]
|label6 = Spouse: |data6 =  [[John Redpath (1842-1926)|John Redpath]]
|label6 = Spouse: |data6 =  [[John Redpath (1842-1926)|John Redpath]]
|label7 = Married: |data7 =  5 Dec 1877 Richland, Michigan
|label7 = Married: |data7 =  5 Dec 1877 Richland, Michigan

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Sarah Upjohn
Born: 17 Feb 1850 Richland, Michigan
Died: 28 Apr 1908 Petoskey, Michigan
Father: Uriah Upjohn
Mother: Maria Mills
Siblings: Helen Maria Upjohn
Mary Northcote Upjohn
Alice Upjohn
Henry Uriah Upjohn
Virginia Upjohn
Amelia Upjohn
Sarah Upjohn
Ida Upjohn
William Erastus Upjohn
Lawrence Upjohn
Frederick Lawrence Upjohn
James Townley Upjohn
Spouse: John Redpath
Married: 5 Dec 1877 Richland, Michigan
Children: William E. Redpath
Robert U. Redpath
James N. Redpath
Henry T. Redpath

Petoskey Evening News, Thursday, April 28, 1908:

Mrs. Redpath Passed to Her Reward
This Morning

For a long time past Mrs. John Redpath has been confined to her Mitchell street home with sickness, and although it was announced some time ago that she was very low and no hopes were entertained for recovery, still the news of her death this morning came as a sudden shock to the many friends of the family. Mrs. Sara Redpath, wife of Rev. John Redpath, passed away at 9 o'clock this morning at the age of 58 years, 2 months and 11 days. Besides a husband she leaves three children to mourn her death, Robt. U. Redpath of New York, James and Henry Redpath, of this city. One child which was born to them preceded her to the world beyond. Mrs. Redpath was born in Michigan the 17th of February, 1850, and was the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Uriah Upjohn. In 1877 she was married to Rev. John Redpath. Mrs. Redpath came to northern Michigan about thirty-six years ago, coming to Petoskey first in 1874. The family have held a position in Petoskey circles, highly respected by all. The funeral will be held Thursday afternoon at 2 p.m. from the home, Rev. Wilson Aull, assisted by Rev. J. J. Cook and Rev. Harvey Wilson assisting. Friends will please omit flowers.