Susannah Turner (1847-1938)

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Susannah Turner Robison
Robison, Sussanna Turner.JPG
Born: 3 Feb 1847 Milltown, New Jersey
Died: 15 Apr 1938 Salt Lake City, Utah
Father: David Turner
Mother: Rose Collier
Siblings: Mary Turner
Sarah Turner
Martha Turner
William Hugh Turner
Susannah Turner
John Turner
Joseph Henry Turner
Rose Ann Turner
David Turner
Benjamin Godfrey Turner
William Webster Turner
Sarah Elizabeth Turner
Lorenzo Turner
James Edward Turner
Spouse: Benjamin Hancock Robison
Married: 26 Mar 1864 Salt Lake City, Utah
Children: Birdie Susannah Robison
Mary Lucretia Robison
Joseph Hancock Robison
Almon David Robison
Rose May Robison
Benjamin Hancock Robison
John Collier Robison
Martha Alzina Robison
George Albert Robison
Edward Lorenzo Robison

Heart Throbs of the West, Kate B. Carter, Vol.3, pp. 154-155:

Susannah Turner Robison
A Primary President

Susannah Turner Robison, the fifth child in a family of thirteen children, was born February 3, 1847, in Milltown, Somerset County, New Jersey. Her parents were David and Rose Collier Turner.

In 1856, John Taylor and Wilford Woodruff came to the Turner home as Mormon missionaries and converted the family to the new religion. Susannah immigrated with her parents to Utah in 1861, in the John Murdock Company. They arrived in Salt Lake City in October, after a hazardous journey, during which 18 people died. The family remained in Salt Lake two days and was then called by Brigham Young to go to Fillmore, Millard County, to make their home.

On March 16, 1863, Susannah was married to Benjamin H. Robison in the Endowment House in Salt Lake. The couple was called from Fillmore to go to Deseret to help settle the country and Brother Robison was appointed Bishop.

While in Deseret, they lived in the old mud fort and as a Bishop's wife, Susannah helped to look after the needs of the people. At Christmas time she would get the milk from all the neighbors and make each one a cheese. She cooked on a Charter Oak stove, the only one in the fort. After serving for five years as Bishop, Brother Robison was released and they returned to Fillmore to make their home.

Ten children were born to this pioneer mother and December 24, 1882, her husband died, and her tenth baby was born the day after his death.

Twenty-two years of her life were devoted to Primary work in Fillmore. She served as counselor for several years, then as president for 17 years. Primary at that time was held in the old adobe meeting house and I remember as a child attending Primary, when the children all knelt down to pray and repeated the prayer after the teacher. Three of the men who spoke in her funeral testified they attended her Primary and her influence on them had always been for good, and she early in life gave an opportunity and helped them to pray in public.

Sister Robison was chosen president of the Millard Stake Y.L.M.I.A. in 1888, and served in this capacity for 21 years, being released in 1909. In those days she had to travel by team and wagon or buggy from one town to the other throughout the Stake, a distance of 75 miles. It often took her and her counselors a week to make their visits, but she was always happy in the service of her Church.

With all her other duties, she was a faithful Relief Society worker and member.

After her release from the Mutual Improvement Association, her son, who had looked after his widowed mother for many years, was accidentally killed. This was another great tragedy in her life.

She gave up housekeeping and went to Salt Lake to live with her children and devoted 25 years to Temple work. She has done the work for her own kindred and thousands of charity names.

She died April 15, 1938, in Salt Lake City, at the home of her daughter, Zina R. Kirkham. She was buried in the Fillmore Cemetery.- Ora B. Hanson, East Millard County.


The Millard County Progress, Friday, 22 Apr 1938:

Funeral Services Held For
Susannah T. Robison

Impressive funeral services were held Sunday, April 17, in the Second Ward Chapel for Susannah T. Robison. Bishop Henry Hatton officiated. The opening prayer was offered by Pres. Frank H. Partridge.

The Singing Mothers sang beautiful sacred anthems, and a male quartet, consisting of Thomas Whatcott, Vernon Peterson, Culbert and Lindon Robison sang one number and Mrs. Stella Day and Mrs. Edna Day sang a vocal duet.

The speakers were President T. Clark Callister, Peter L. Brunson, James A. Melville, Pres. Joseph F. Finlinson, and Dr. Francis Kirkham.

The speakers all bore testimony to the exemplary life of the deceased, who always lived up to every principle in her religion. She served as Primary President in Fillmore for a good many years and three of the speakers were boys in her Primary classes; they all told of the influence for good which she had exerted on their lives. She seemed to understand boys especially well and always extended a helping hand. The benediction was offered by Wm. H. Rasmussen.

Mrs. Susannah T. Robison, who died Friday, April 15, at the age of 91 years, was born February 3, 1847 at Milltown, N.J., a daughter of David and Rose Collier Turner. She crossed the plains with her parents in 1861.

On the trek to Utah with the John Murdock company, the pioneers lost 18 of their number due to the rigor of the trip, Mrs. Robison recalled recently at a birthday observance in her honor. She also recalled how at the age of 12 she saw Abraham Lincoln and heard him address a gathering in the Cooper Hall in New York.

She was married to Benjamin H. Robison in 1863 and the couple settled in Deseret. He died in 1872, leaving her with the task of rearing nine children.

Mrs. Robison lived in Fillmore for many years, but for the most part of twenty years has lived most of the time with her children, particularly, her daughter, Mrs. Francis Kirkham, at whose home she passed away.

Survivors include three sons, J. H. Robison of Logandale, Nev.; Dr. J. C. Robison of Salt Lake City, and George Robison of Hinckley, and Mrs. Kirkham of Salt Lake City; two brothers, Lorenzo Turner of Delta and James Edward Turner of Washington, Utah. Mrs. Alonzo Hinckley was a daughter.

Out of town people who attended the funeral of Sister Robison were: Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Robison of Logandale, Nev.; Mr. and Mrs. Francis Kirkham and family, Mrs. A. A. Hinckley and family, and Dr. and Mrs. J. C. Robison and family of Salt Lake City; Mr. and Mrs. Bert Robison and family, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Hilton and family of Hinckley; Mr. and Mrs. Lorenzo Turner of Delta; Mr. and Mrs. Afton Badger, Mr. and Mrs. Raldo Turner, Mr. Edgar Turner and Mrs. Ellen Turner of Holden; Mr. and Mrs. James A. Melville of Salt Lake City; Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Finlinson of Leamington; Mr. John H. Beckstrand of Meadow. There were many other relatives and friends from out of town whose names we did not learn.


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Susana, Susanah [cemetery records, p. 57]
Susanna F. [single line list, p. 42]
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  • Marriage variant: 1863 [obituary]
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Susannah, 23, f, w, Keeping House, N.Y.
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Susannah ROBISON Wife F M W 32 NJ Occ: Keeping House Fa: ENG Mo: ENG
  • Burial: Fillmore City Corporation, Cemetery Single Line List, by Deceased Name, 22 Apr 1990, p. 42:
ROBISON, Susanna F.
BLK 109, Lot 1, Grave 5
d. 4-15-1938
  • Burial: Fillmore City Corporation, Cemetery Master List, by Deceased Name, 13 Jun 1994, p. 395:
ROBISON, Susanna F.
BLK 109, Lot 1, Grave 5
b. New Jersey
d. 4-15-1938 Salt Lake City, Utah
Comments: Age at death - 91 years 2 months 2 days
Current Owner: Robison, Benjamin H.
Original Owner:
  • Death place variant: Fillmore [Hughes report]