Sybil Planck (1879-)

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Sybil Planck Smith
Born: Apr 1879 Eden, Indiana
Father: Joseph Ludwig Planck
Mother: Alice M. Schreck
Siblings: Orley Ray Planck
Sybil Planck
Mabel May Planck
Casper Planck
Gordon Gix Planck
Hazel Planck
Wallace Wadsworth Planck
Spouse: Ernest C. Smith
Married: 1907 Kalkaska Co., Michigan

Sybil Planck was born in April 1879 of Eden LaGrange, Indiana.

Her parents are Joseph Ludwig Planck and Alice M. Schreck.

Her siblings are Orley Ray Planck, Mabel May Planck, Casper Planck, Gordon Planck, Hazel Planck and Wallace Wadsworth Planck.

Sybil married Ernest C. Smith in 1907 in Kalkaska County, Michigan.


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  • 1900 Federal Census, Little Traverse Twp., Emmet, Michigan
Planck, Joseph L.
, Sybil, daughter, white, female, born: Apr 1879, 21, single, Ind, OH, Ind, Telephone Operator
Smith, Ernest C. & Planck, Sybil
Year: 1907
Record Number: 970
Page: 106