Timothy B. Robinson (1789-1882)

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Timothy B. Robison
Born: 15 Oct 1789 East Greenbush, New York
Died: 13 Mar 1882 Chardon, Ohio
Father: William Robison
Mother: Jannetje Bussing
Siblings: Culbert Robinson
Timothy B. Robinson
William Moore Robinson
Isaac Robison
Jane Robison
Margaret Robinson
John Robinson
John Robison
Spouse: Betsey Bushnell
Married: 21 Dec 1817 Geauga County, Ohio
Children: William M. Robinson
Jane Almira Robinson
Lovina Margaret Robinson
Delos W. Robinson
Hiram Robinson
Milton Timothy Robinson


  • Name variant: Brutus [Stafford file]
  • Badger, Rose Afton Hinckley. Papers
  • Stafford, Mike. GEDCOM file, 2 Nov 2001:
Timothy B. Robinson came to Chardon Ohio from the State of New York in 1812 in the company of John Fox, who stopped in Hambden. They traveled on foot, and carried knapsacks on their backs. Mr. Robinson prospected for a while and then returned to New York. He came back in 1817 and hired out to Norman Canfield for a year. He did great service in chopping down the woods, hewing timber, and tilling the soil, where now are Chardon's thickest residences. (From the History of Geauga Co. OH)
Geauga Republican, 17 May 1882, pg. 5
  • 1850 Federal Census, Chardon, Geauga, Ohio, enumerated 20 Jul 1850:
Robinson, T. B., 60, m, Farmer, 1800, NY
, Betsey, 50, f, NY
, M., 16, m, Farmer, O
  • 1880 Federal Census, Chardon, Geauga, Ohio, FHL Film 1255018, Page 29A:
Robinson, Delos W.
, Timothy B., Father, M, W, Wd, 87, NY, NY, NY