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Oh, Hi. I was just helping with the links. I looked on the ancestral file submission for the dates. I am not related but my husband Steve does Millard County gen. as his family is from there. The ancestral file has Richard with a middle initial M. and also has more children than this. I am assuming that you are the same person that put Richard's page on here? I did a quick 1880 census search this morning in Louisiana and found C. T. Millikin as a clerk in a store. The dates differ by a few years but seems it could be him? Joanne

Yes, I am the person who submitted the information to Ancestral File. That was quite a long time ago. I have never found any evidence of the extra children, so decided to leave them off until I find evidence that they actually existed. I got the information from a book with no documentation. I don't know where the author got the information.

Creed Tanner Millikin was a clerk in a store and that is definitely him. I have most of the information on him. His parents, Richard and Margaret, are the people I'm searching for, especially their death dates and places and parentage.

Who is your husband related to in Millard County? I'm not from there, but my husband grew up there. We've lived in the Delta area for 27 years, so I do know a lot of people.

Please let me know if this is how I should have responded to your note. I really don't know that much about the site yet. Thanks. Terry