William F. Shannon (1907-1985)

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William F. Shannon
Shannon, Sally and William.jpg
Greenwood Cemetery
Born: 30 Jun 1907 Petoskey, Michigan
Died: 21 Jul 1985 Petoskey, Michigan
Father: John W. Shannon
Mother: Mary L. Riddle
Siblings: Edward Clark Shannon
Mabel E. Shannon
Myron Shannon
William F. Shannon
Spouse: Sally Frances Kruskie
Married: 1 Apr 1937 Petoskey, Michigan


  • Marriage: Emmet County, Michigan, Vital Records Search, Marriages:
Shannon, William & Lasley, Sally
Date of Marriage: 4/1/1937
Liber: 5
Folio: 8
  • Death: Emmet County, Michigan, Vital Records Search, Deaths:
Shannon, William F.
Date of Death: 7/21/1985
Liber: 1985
Folio: 255
Place of Death: Petoskey, MI
Shannon, William F.
Age: 78
Born: 6/30/1907
Died: 7/21/1985
Burial: 7/24/1985
Cemetery: Greenwood, Petoskey
Obituary: on file
Section: H
Block: 164
Lot: 12, W 1/2