William Henry Robison (1802-1846)

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William Henry Robison
Robison, Wm.jpg
Mormon Pioneer Cemetery, Omaha
Born: 6 Jul 1802 Charleston, New York
Died: 27 Nov 1846 Winter Quarters, Nebraska
Father: Joseph Robison
Mother: Cornelia Guinal
Siblings: John Robison
Jane Robison
James Miller Robison
William Henry Robison
Joseph Robison
Lovina Robison
Mary Robison
Matilda Robison
Susan Robison
Delilah Robison
Peter Robison
Margaret Robison
Spouse: Elizabeth Squires
Married: 23 Jan 1823
Children: Margaret Robison
William Robison
Baby Boy Robison
Twin Baby Boy Robison
Jane Robison
James Henry Robison
Rosetta Robison
Julia Ann Robison
Clarinda Robison
Charles William Robison
Theodore Robison
Sarah Elizabeth Robison

From Lucretia Lyman Ranney:

While Aunt Margaret was waiting for her husband, Alva Phelps, to return [from the march with the Mormon Battalion], she went to church and there, as President Young spoke he said, 'Our hearts go out in sympathy to Sister Phelps in the loss of her husband.' This was the first she knew about her husband's death (he died 16 Sep 1846), she started to leave the meeting, Uncle William followed her, and at the door she fainted. Uncle William tried to comfort her, and among other things he said that as long as he had a crust of bread he would divide with her. In three days he was dead and buried (27 Nov 1846). Before he died, he called his eldest son, Henry (James Henry), sixteen years old, and asked him to help his mother and the family to Utah. He asked Henry to make that promise, and Henry kept his promise. They came to Utah in 1853, or maybe a little later.


  • Name variant: Roberson [Winter Quarters]
  • Nauvoo Temple Endowment Register, p. 328 (he was a seventy)
  • Despain, Carrie Robison and Garner, Melba Despain. History & Genealogy of the Franklin Alonzo Robison Family, p. 116
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  • Nicolo, Margaret LaDean Sutton Sweeting. Sweeting Family Records Binder
  • Marriage variant: 5 Feb 1829 [Sweeting binder]
  • Land: He owned 4 pieces of property in and around Nauvoo
  • Query: Could he have rented or shared his property with his brothers and sisters that liv d in Nauvoo as well?
  • Death: Bryson, Conrey. Winter Quarters, p. 155:
ROBERSON, William (44 yrs.)
Husband of Elizabeth ROBERSON
Died: Nov. 27, 1846
Born: July 6, 1802, Charleston, Montgomery County, N.Y.
  • Death variant: 28 Nov 1846 [Infobases]